Jimmy Kimmel Responds To Donald Trump Jr.’s ‘Idiotic’ Comments About Kavanaugh Hearing

Kevin Winter /Tasos KatopodisGetty Images

Jimmy Kimmel did not mince his words Thursday when he responded to a number of comments Donald Trump Jr. made about the Senate hearing in which Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, testified.

The comedian and late-night host said that Trump Jr. tweeted “a number of idiotic comments” during Ford’s testimony in a lengthy, scathing monologue in which Kimmel deconstructed the much-anticipated hearing, The Daily Beast argued.

Among Trump Jr.’s tweets, Kimmel took at a jab that included one in which the president’s oldest son mocked Ford, who has accused Kavanaugh of sexual assault, for saying she has a fear of flying. In the tweet, Trump Jr. said that while he is not psychology professor, he finds it “weird” that Ford, 51, has a selective fear of flying, given how she said she flies for work, vacations, and family visits.

“I agree, you’re not a psychology professor,” Kimmel responded, as per The Daily Beast. “You are a dull-witted human canker sore who shoots baby hippos out of daddy’s helicopter because it’s the only way you can get an erection.”

“Do us a favor, put the Twitter aside, go rub a tub of Axe extreme-hold hair gel on your empty head, you chinless son of a circus peanut,” he continued. “Could there be a dumber thing to be than Donald Trump Jr.?”

Other Twitter users also criticized Trump Jr. for making accusations on subjects he is not well-versed on, suggesting that he stick to his own marital and legal woes in the Russian-collusion investigation, as People magazine reported.

“Your lack of education on the subject is clearly evident, circumstance causing anxiety is in fact likely to aggravate an underlying phobia. Phobias are not particularly rational or controlable. Most adults know this, but it is not surprising you would insist you don’t understand,” a Twitter user wrote.

Kimmel also criticized Republicans in his monologue, arguing that the senator was “too scared” to question Ford during the meeting, resorting a sex crimes prosecutor from Arizona, Rachel Mitchell, which Kimmel called the Republicans’ “surrogate,” to do their dirty job for them, as per The Daily Beast report. The same Republican senator later prevented Mitchell from properly questioning Kavanaugh, opting to do so themselves, Kimmel continued.

Calling Ford an “exceptionally believable witness,” Kimmel continued said it quite refreshing to watch a witness who actually answered questions.

“I think that’s a first,” he said.