Demi Rose Dons Sexy Swimsuit As Boyfriend, DJ Chris Martinez, Gives Her A Kiss On The Cheek

Demi's boyfriend gives her a kiss.
demirosemawby / Instagram

It looks like today was Demi Rose and boyfriend DJ Chris Martinez’s one-year anniversary. The two marked the occasion by sharing similar photos. Demi posted a picture of herself looking happy as she snuggled up to her boyfriend, who wrapped his left arm around her as he gave her a kiss on her cheek. Demi’s eyes are closed in the photo, as she sported some dark sunglasses and wore a sexy one-piece with side cut-outs. It showed off her curves quite a bit, as the Instagram model smiled sweetly. Her boyfriend wore a black Nike hat and a leopard-print shirt with black pants. This is the sweet message Demi sent to Chris.

“Happy 1st Anniversary to my bestest friend, my lover @themartinezbros [couple emoji] Every moment spent with you is a pleasure and you never fail to make me laugh the hardest and smile the most. I’m so lucky to have found you. I love you [heart emoji]”

Martinez also posted a photo to mark their anniversary, except he used a photo that’s zoomed out. It shows the two snuggling together in almost the exact same position as Rose’s photo, except you can see their friends in the foreground. This was Chris’ message for Demi, which sounded both heartfelt and sweet.

“Happy 1 year anniversary baby! @demirosemawby [romantic emojis] not enough words here to tell you how much you changed my life, so I’ll keep telling you everyday. I love you! [flower and heart emoji] #rideordie”

Fans loved the sweet messages and photos.

And while Martinez only shared one photo of himself with Demi, she actually shared a series of eight photos and videos that show the two being super cute together. Almost all of the pictures show them cuddling, hugging, and all smiles. In one of the more revealing photos, Demi posed in a barely-there crop-top that had “X” lace-ups on the front. Chris wore a black Jay-Z outfit with some gold necklaces and tons of rings. In the following photo in the series, Demi wore a sheer crop-top with what looks like a bra-shaped shirt. Meanwhile, Martinez sported a black hat, sweater, and a denim jacket.

The couple is expected to move to Los Angeles sometime soon. Demi’s previously expressed her interest in pursuing an acting career, saying that she’s been taking lessons. Plus, the Instagram-famous model is hoping to win new fans in the United States. She’s originally from the U.K., but spent this past summer in Ibiza.