Victoria's Secret Model Martha Hunt Goes Completely Nude In Latest Instagram Photo

Mizuki Hisaka

Victoria's Secret model Martha Hunt went completely nude in her latest Instagram snap, which she simply captioned with a camera emoji and a shout-out to photographer, Chadwick Tyler. The photo is in black-and-white, and shows Martha laying in a fetal-like position in what looks like a black chair. Because the contrast is so high, it's hard to see the feet of the chair, making it look like she's almost floating mid-air. It doesn't look like the model has a ton of makeup on, as she wore her hair down. Her left hand is covering part of her mouth, as her arms and legs are crisscrossed to censor the photo.

The photographer, Chadwick Tyler, has a couple of art series posted on his website right now. One is titled "God's People," and another is called "XIII." The "God's People" series is a wild ride of raw portraits, vintage cars, and Americana. "XIII" is a collage of photos that include edgy portrait photography, diptychs, and some nudes.

Hunt's fans responded positively, with some calling it "Artsy," while others complimented her style.

"Absolutely gorgeous! I love your style, it's such a nice balance between of-the-moment and classic. is one of the most beautiful and stylish models I've ever seen anywhere."

"What I love about Victoria's Secret is that they represent strong, confident and empowered women. And as a model, I've always seen that as the ultimate goal."