Annaliese Puccini Dons Green Swimsuit And Showcases Her Toned Bod

Paul HebertABC

Annaliese Puccini appears to be embracing her “hopeless romantic” side that fans got to know during her last stint on Bachelor in Paradise. While she was blindsided and dumped by Kamil during the reunion show, she’s picking up the pieces and remaining true to herself.

In one of her recent Instagram posts, she dons a pretty deep green one-piece swimsuit, and poses in a creek, somewhere in Tahoe. The landscape is gorgeous, with some rocks, water, and tons of foliage and trees. Annaliese wore her hair down, and accessorized minimally with bracelets. She captioned the photo, “So it goes.. saying goodbye to summer and hello to fall.” She followed that up with a ton of hashtags, including “fall in love,” “hopeless romantic,” and “optimistic.”

Puccini’s upbeat personality is one of the things her fans most love about her, and people sent her some heartfelt messages in the comments section. One fan said the following.

“Always remember that the threes are about to show you how lovely is to let things go [leaf emojis] you deserve the world right in your hands [sparkle emoji] keep it up! Love your kindness and sweetness.”

Another fan also sent her a nice message.

“I hope you’re doing better, you were such a light on BIP I always found myself smiling whenever you talked because of how much happiness you radiated. You deserve so much love! So positive and beautiful, you’re an inspiration! [heart emoji]”

Since then, Annaliese has also sent a shout-out to a co-star from BIP, Joe Amabile, urging her fans to vote for him on DWTS.

In that post, Annaliese stunned in a bright red-orange dress with tan heels. She smiled widely, as her left hand was by her head and her right hand played with the folds of the skirt.

Besides that message of support for Joe, Puccini also posted a cute picture of herself with her dog, saying “Surround yourself with positive people and animals.” She looked great, wearing a casual black three-quarter-length sleeved shirt and some dark blue pants.

After Kamil dumped Puccini on TV, many fans called for her to be the next Bachelorette. For now, it’s too soon to know if that’ll be a reality.

On the other hand, fans are looking forward to the newest season of the Bachelor, starring Colton Underwood. Colton’s supposedly still a virgin, which Chris Harrison has already said will be one of the main focuses of the season.