‘General Hospital’ Schedule Change: Thursday’s Episode Moves To Friday Due To Kavanaugh Hearing Preemption

General Hospital preempted for Kavanaugh hearing
Craig Sjodin / ABC

Fans of General Hospital were disappointed to find out on Thursday that the episode they had expected to watch had been preempted by the hearings being held by the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. ABC isn’t always consistent in how they handle these types of schedule shifts, and fans were hopeful that they wouldn’t end up missing this episode that spoilers teased would have a lot of action.

Luckily, General Hospital fans won’t be missing anything. Rather than air Thursday’s episode overnight or otherwise displace it, the show that was slated to air on September 27 will air on Friday, September 28, instead. That means that all of the other episodes ahead will move out by a day as well.

The move was shared via the General Hospital Twitter account and then ABC executive Nathan Varni shared an additional note via his Twitter page. Varni teased that they wanted everybody to get a chance to see the show that was slated to air on Thursday, thus the decision to push the schedule out by a day.

The good news is that this means viewers will get to watch all of the action that General Hospital spoilers detailed by the Inquisitr had teased. Unfortunately, it means that the highly-anticipated return of Genie Francis as Laura is also pushed out a day. The show had hyped that she would return during Friday’s show, so now that will come on Monday, October 1.

Whenever a preemption like this occurs, fans get upset. It appears that all four soap operas were preempted on Thursday due to the hearing featuring Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and the first woman to publicly accuse him of sexual misconduct, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. Some fans replied to Varni’s tweet urging the network to simply put the episode online and others wished it would air overnight and people could record it.

Still others thought that it was unnecessary for the hearing to be aired live on virtually every channel, but it looks like how most stations proceeded. Despite a fair amount of complaining, Varni did get quite a few supportive tweets from people grateful that they don’t have much control over these things or glad that they won’t miss anything or perhaps can get caught up if they’ve been behind.

Not long ago, General Hospital had to air some encore episodes because, as they explained it, ABC hadn’t had enough preemptions like this pop up this year. Several days of repeat episodes aired before the Labor Day weekend and that didn’t go over well with fans either. Hopefully, this will take care of the General Hospital schedule shifts for a while and fans can get back to seeing what Jason, Sam, Maxie, Sonny, and the rest of the Port Charles residents are doing.