Donald Trump, Jr. Mocks Christine Blasey Ford For Fear Of Flying

Trump, Jr. mocks Christine Blasey Ford and her fear of flying
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Donald Trump, Jr. went to Twitter to mock Christine Blasey Ford on Thursday for saying that she has a fear of flying, but has occasionally taken plane trips on numerous occasions.

Ford gave emotional testimony in front of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, who she charged tried to rape her during a house party while both were teenagers some three decades ago.

The testimony and counter-testimony by Kavanaugh has gripped the nation for most of Thursday. But there was a portion of the testimony that caught the attention of President Donald Trump’s eldest son.

Ford’s reported fear of flying was the suggested reason why she declined a request to come to Washington, D.C., on Sept. 17 to testify, People magazine wrote. CNN had reported that according to friends, Ford felt uncomfortable in enclosed spaces, suggesting that it stemmed from her high school encounter with Kavanaugh.

On Thursday, though, Ford revealed under questioning from Republican-hired attorney Rachel Mitchell in front of the Judiciary Committee, that she flew to the current hearing, People stated.

The magazine stated that Mitchell pointed out other times where Ford flew on airplanes for work and leisure trips, even though she feared flying.

When asked about turning down the Sept. 17 hearing because of the fear of flying, Ford said that she “was hoping they would come to me. I realized that was an unrealistic request,” People stated.

Trump, Jr. commented on Ford’s admission on Twitter, calling her fear “weird” and “selective.”

The tweet was liked by more than 37,000 people and thousands more left comments, many critical of Trump’s comments, while others simply mocked him.

Kate DeVarney, a neuroscientist and longtime friend of Ford, told CNN that she knew Ford “really has a hard time being in a place where there’s no escape route.” She added that an airplane was “the ultimate closed space where you cannot get away.”

Donald Trump, Jr. attends the D.C. premiere of the film ‘Death of a Nation’ at E Street Cinema on Aug. 1 in Washington, D.C. Shannon Finney / Getty Images

DeVarney said to CNN that during a conversation with Ford, she confessed that she had been “sexually assaulted in high school,” but never mentioned Kavanaugh’s name or shared details about the alleged incident.

At that time, Ford supposedly told DeVarney that she and her husband were remodeling their home where “every room had to have an exit door to the outside,” CNN reported.

“She did say this has affected me my entire life,” DeVarney told the network.

Jim Gensheimer, another friend of Ford, told CNN a similar story about Ford feeling the need for escape doors and routes.

“This event was serious enough to have a lasting impact on her life,” Gensheimer told the network. “(I have) no reason to not believe what she says about Brett Kavanaugh.”