JC Mounduix Defends His Controversial Behavior In The ‘Big Brother’ House

The controversial ‘BB20’ houseguest says ‘I am not a pervert' after hearing of viewer complaints about his behavior.

JC Mounduix defends himself after BB20
Monty Brinton / CBS

The controversial ‘BB20’ houseguest says ‘I am not a pervert' after hearing of viewer complaints about his behavior.

Big Brother star JC Mounduix lost his shot at the show’s top two prizes when he was named this season’s final evictee on the show’s live finale. But the Cuban-born dancer got another unpleasant surprise when he exited the CBS summertime house and found out that his controversial behavior with his fellow housemates made headlines.

Early in the season, Mounduix was seen on the CBS live feeds harassing Big Brother player Kaycee Clark by putting an ice cream scooper near her genitals. The Miami native was later caught fondling houseguest Tyler Crispen as he slept. Mounduix also held the door open on Haleigh Broucher as she used the bathroom, prompting her to scream for production to stop him.

But JC Mounduix told Entertainment Weekly that the headlines about him invading his housemates’ privacy and personal space were just unnecessary drama. According to Mounduix, all of the houseguests were “really close,” and the incident with Tyler Crispen occurred because he thought his friend was having a bad dream.

“We were really close in the house. I was having nightmares all the time. I would have the girls and guys talk with me and patting me. Tyler was sleeping and he was making sounds that he never does and I was like, ‘Babe it’s gonna be okay.’ I was in the middle of my sleep. I pulled his bandana down so he could sleep and I gave him a kiss on his shoulder. You know we were super friends and super close. I can be a lot of things but I’m not a pervert. I can tell you that.”

Mounduix also explained the incident with Broucher, saying that she didn’t answer when he said he was coming into the bathroom. Mounduix also pointed out that Broucher was fully clothed and that he was just pranking her when he played with the bathroom door handle.

“She was completely dressed and she didn’t answer. So I opened and she screamed. So I’m like, ‘Oh you wanna play this game?’ You see I noticed that the girl was wearing clothes and that’s why I left it open. If I would have noticed at any point she was being a little bit naked or something or somebody was gonna put…I would never leave that door open. I told her, and she was completely dressed. She scared me and I just wanted to door-handle prank. That’s pretty much it. I hope these things don’t escalate cause right now. Just don’t magnify drama, how I like to call it.”

Mounduix, who was also under fire for using the “N” word in a discussion with African-American housemate Bayleigh Dayton, told TV Guide he had no idea his behavior made headlines until his final day in the Big Brother house.

“Listen, I didn’t even know that was even an issue until literally like the final day. Like, we were all family there. We were all enjoying each other. I’m very expressive… If I’m thinking something or I want to express an idea, I just go and say it. And I mean yeah, they told me to take it easy with that and stuff but there was nothing really serious the whole season. This was news for me, the news coming out now and listening to this. Every single incident that they’ve been [reprimanding] me [over], there’s been a story behind that…. It’s what I like to call unnecessary drama.”

Amid multiple complaints about JC Mounduix’s behavior from outraged live feed viewers, Big Brother producers Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan issued a statement to The Wrap revealing why they allowed him to remain on the show after the incidents with Crispen and Broucher. The CBS producers said that after interviewing all of the parties involved, the Big Brother housemates “in no way felt threatened, unsafe or sexually harassed” by JC.

JC Mounduix made it to the final three on Big Brother 20.