Twitter Not Impressed By Shouting, Angry Brett Kavanaugh Testimony, As Kavanaugh Claims Conspiracy Against Him

Saul LoebGetty Images

Following morning testimony from Christine Blasey Ford, as Inquisitr reported, who accuses him of sexual assault, Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh took the witness stand in the afternoon and replied with an opening statement that was notable for its shouting and tone — a tone that left Twitter users watching the hearing reportedly stunned and unimpressed.

Kavanaugh in his statement claimed that the allegations against him by Ford and other women are all false and the result of an orchestrated conspiracy by Democrats — as ABC News reported — and also claimed that his family had been “destroyed” by the allegations and the public response to them.

To one Twitter user, Washington Monthly contributing editor Matthew Cooper, Kavanaugh’s performance was reminiscent of the self-defense offered by Clarence Thomas in 1991, when the then-nominee to the Supreme Court was accused of sexual harassment by Anita Hill. As The Washington Post recalled, Thomas branded the accusations against him “a high tech lynching.”

“He’s going full Clarence Thomas but it’s less effective than Thomas who could at least try to tap into the country’s racial horrors,” Cooper noted on his Twitter account. “This is pure personal pique without a larger purpose….and beer for some reason.”

In his statement, Kavanaugh made reference to drinking beer with his high school friends. He also told the committee, “I still like beer,” and that “I fully embrace” drinking beer.

Other Twitter users, including conservative Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin, found Kavanaugh’s display of anger a poor political strategy.

Westworld actor Jeffrey Wright was also unimpressed with Kavanaugh’s display.

Kavanaugh also referred to an inscription on his high school yearbook page, “Renate Alumnus,” a reference to a woman that was said to be a sexual boast, according to others who knew Kavanaugh at that time as Inquisitr reported. But he denied that the “alumnus” reference was intended to be sexual. Kavanaugh said that the woman named in the quote was simply someone who went to dances with his social group.

Author Chuck Wendig also said that Kavanaugh’s high level of anger and frequent tearful breakdowns during his opening statement was typical of “abusive men.”

Kavanaugh also directed his anger at Democrats, accusing them of attempting to force him out of the nomination process, and at one point accusing Democrats of possibly ruining his career as a law professor as well, and that he may never be able to coach girls’ sports teams again.

“I will not be intimidated into withdrawing from this process. You’ve tried hard. You’ve given it your all,” he said, according to CNN.