June 16, 2013
Twilight movie plus birthday party equals felony charges

During what was a surprise 29th birthday party for her sister at the Muvico Theater in Rosemont Samantha Tumpach suddenly found herself being questioned and charged by Rosemont Police.

Her crime?

Well during the celebration at the theater she happened to film two short clips of the new movie Twilight: New Moon, clips that didn't even total four minutes but were a part of the recording of family and friends singing Happy Birthday.

Managers of the theater contacted the police and insisted on pressing charges under a rarely invoked felony charge that was designed to prevent movie patrons from recording new movies and selling copies of them. If found guilty Samantha could face up to three years in jail and because it's a felony charge she would no longer be able to vote, work with children, or to hold any kind of office.

As it is she spent two nights in jail before she could appear for a bail hearing on Monday where the judge released her on her own recognizance.

Tumpach insisted she recorded no more than three minutes while in the theater — and said not all of the video she shot was of the movie. There’s footage of she and her relatives singing to her sister, she said. “We sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to her in the theater,” Tumpach said.

She also took pictures of family members in the theater before the film began, but an usher who saw the photo session never issued them a warning, Tumpach said.

Source: Chicago Sun-Times

What a great way for the movie industry to encourage people to go to the movies.