‘Tell The Cops’: Republican Senator Says To A Woman Who Told Him She Was Raped At Christine Ford’s Testimony

Michael ReynoldsGetty Images

Christine Blasey Ford’s testifying against Brett Kavanaugh despite her “nervousness” of having to deal with an experience which, in her own words caused her “anxiety, phobia, and PTSD symptoms,” seems not to have moved Republican Senator Lindsey Graham.

Graham, who dissed Ford’s experiences as altogether lacking in credibility even before he heard her testify on Thursday, was similarly unmoved when the Palo Alto professor recounted in detail the vivid recollections she had of the day Trump’s Supreme Court pick allegedly assaulted her, as reported by Vox.

“All I can deal with is what’s in front of me,” he told reporters during a recess at the hearing.

“I’ve got a guy [Brett Kavanaugh] who adamantly denies this. Everybody who actually knows him in a real way say, ‘This is not the guy I know.’ I’ve got Dr. Ford, who can’t tell me the time and the place. And we’ll see what happens. Maybe something comes out.”

Without discussing if the experiences narrated by Ford had any impact on him, Graham let out a warning to his fellow Democratic senators instead, saying they could expect something similar when they try to get their nominees confirmed in the future.

“Let me tell my Democratic friends: If this is the new norm, you’d better watch out for your nominees.”

In all this, Graham has completely potentially obliterated Ford’s painful experiences as a Democratic “con job,” as put by president Donald Trump during his solo press conference before the hearing, and his seeming insensitivity toward empathizing with victims of sexual assault was once again on display when he was approached by a woman during the hearing.

Robyn Swirling, a Washington resident, approached Graham after he looked completely unmoved by Ford’s testimony, and recounted her own experience of having been raped. But Graham immediately dashed to the elevator, saying, “I’m sorry. Tell the cops.”


But not everyone on the Senate Judiciary Committee acted the same way to what Ford has had to say. Senator Kamala Harris thanked Ford for showing the courage to testify in a case which is so openly partisan.

“You have bravely come forward and I want to thank you,” Harris said. “History will show you are a true profile in courage.”

“I think you have earned America’s gratitude,” Senator Richard Blumenthal has told her earlier.

It remains to be seen if the Senate Judiciary Committee believes Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony has cast enough aspersions on the character of a man who is to be confirmed as a Supreme Court judge for life, but it has seemingly become an uphill climb.