‘The Little Couple’ Returns: TLC Finally Reveals New Season Premiere Date, Jen, Bill, Will, & Zoey Are Back

'The Little Couple' stars Dr Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein
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TLC’s The Little Couple is finally returning with a new season, and fans cannot wait to get started with fresh episodes. It has been a long hiatus for the fan-favorite series — and while viewers knew it would be coming back at some point, there had been no specific date revealed until now. Dr. Jennifer Arnold, Bill Klein, Will, and Zoey will be back on TLC beginning on October 9.

People shares a great sneak peek into the new season of The Little Couple, giving a few juicy details. Luckily, despite the long hiatus that viewers had to wait through, it looks like TLC will be taking fans back to what they had last seen of the family — and that means watching them look for a new house in Florida in addition to tackling some renovations.

In reality — as the Inquisitr has previously shared — Dr. Jen Arnold, Bill Klein, Will, and Zoey moved to Florida from Texas more than a year ago. They settled into a new house quite some time back, with the family’s Houston home just having sold after many months on the market.

The Little Couple preview for the new season premiere shows Jen and Bill looking at potential new homes in St. Petersburg — and they definitely have their work cut out for them. It’s been revealed that they ultimately found a gorgeous home, though it was a challenging process to get to that point.

Not only do Jen and Bill have to consider the renovations that will need to be done to any home they purchase, but they’re also trying to do all of this with Will and Zoey along for the fun. Naturally, the young tikes don’t really understand how these are homes that still belong to someone else — and that they can’t just help themselves to snacks, or play with the clothes in the closets.

Fans of The Little Couple have been watching Jen and Bill since they were still courting, and they followed the pair through their adoptions of both Will and Zoey. What this new season will bring — seemingly more than ever before — are the adorable personalities of the kids as they become more involved in sharing their thoughts. There will be plenty of interview segments with just Will and Zoey, and it’s clear that the two have become quite confident, funny, and outgoing youngsters.

A lot has happened since TLC last aired a new season of The Little Couple and viewers have a lot to catch up on when it returns. In addition to the move to Florida, there have been birthday parties, school outings, and holidays. People will finally get to see how Dr. Jennifer Arnold, Bill Klein, Will, and Zoey are doing when the new season premiere debuts on October 9.

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