‘Big Brother 20’ Spoilers: What Caused Tyler Crispen’s Downfall?

Sonja FlemmingCBS

It seemed like a perfect game. Tyler Crispen, the lifeguard from Hilton Head, South Carolina, played one of the best games Big Brother fans have seen in a very long time. The charismatic player not only manipulated the game, but he also managed to convince almost every single person in the house that he was on their side while he was secretly only loyal to his Level 6 alliance and Kaycee Clark (who he had a genuine final two deal with).

Fans everywhere were rooting for Tyler to bring home the $500,000 grand prize on Wednesday’s live finale. However, the lifeguard came up short — by one vote to be exact. He lost to Kaycee Clark who also admittedly played a very strong game. Kaycee won her share of competitions, including a staggering number of five vetos, so her win isn’t unjust by any means. But many fans are feeling a bit confused and lost following Big Brother’s rushed live finale episode (which featured a surprise proposal and ridiculously short final speeches). While the show’s finale is still too fresh to really say what happened, there are many guesses and theories as to why Tyler didn’t secure the needed jury votes. The Washington Post covers Tyler’s fall from grace with a simple statement of the lifeguard’s game,

“Although Tyler was savvy inside the house as he built trust and relationships with his fellow contestants, he seriously miscalculated the best way to navigate their exits once he voted them out.”

Will Kirby, a BB legend, asked the jury pre-vote in an episode if any of them had a sour taste in their mouth from Tyler. Multiple people raised their hands and even though Tyler’s legendary gameplay was praised, it seemed that the jury was already leaning toward an emotional vote.

Many are looking toward Sam Bledsoe’s vote which may have been the one Tyler needed most to win. Sam had felt that she and Tyler had a genuine connection, but when she was evicted and sent to the jury house she learned she was never really a part of the player’s true inner circle. “I trusted Tyler throughout this entire game, and I don’t think I’ll ever fully trust him again,” Sam explained. In Tyler’s final speech, he made it seem like he never even cared about Sam in the first place and that their relationship was a game move which must’ve stung.

Scottie was also a vote Tyler could’ve nabbed but ultimately didn’t. Scottie was lied to by Tyler during his second eviction week and instead of keeping up appearances, Tyler confessed he knew the whole time that Scottie was going to go home in his goodbye message.

Improper jury management seems to be the downfall of a great player for the second season in a row. Tyler may have been able to pull out a win if he had properly explained his strategy and game. However, his final speech was cut to 45 seconds by Julie Chen Moonves and the 23-year-old struggled to convey his message thoughtfully and accurately.

Tyler Crispen may have lost the game, but he did win America’s Favorite Houseguest. A title like that is a huge honor in itself, and it must mean so much to the superfan.

Kaycee Clark played a great game by staying under the radar, making friends with the jury, and beasting competitions. This was the closest final two in recent memory of the game and both players were thrilled to make it to the end together.