Kaycee Clark Talks ‘Big Brother 20’ Win, Admits Final Vote Against Tyler Crispen Was Closer Than Anticipated

Kaycee Clark starred on 'Big Brother 20'
Sonja Flemming / CBS

Kaycee Clark was named the winner of Big Brother Season 20 Wednesday night and as many fans had expected, it was a very close vote. She faced off against Tyler Crispen during that vote and the two had been aligned with one another all summer long. What does Kaycee have to say about her big win now?

Entertainment Weekly talked with Kaycee Clark about an hour after the finale wrapped and she said it felt overwhelming and surreal. As the votes were being revealed, Tyler Crispen was up four votes to just one for Kaycee at one point, and she seemingly was stunned but relatively cool about what she thought was going to be a win for him. Obviously, the latter votes went her way and she won in a nailbiter.

Clark says that in the days ahead of the finale, she felt confident she’d have most of the votes from the “other side” of the house, the houseguests that weren’t a part of the Level 6 alliance. Ultimately, that wasn’t necessarily the case and Kaycee was a little surprised by some of the votes. As Big Brother Network recapped, JC, Angela, Brett, and Haleigh all voted for Tyler. Sam surprised many by voting for Kaycee, and then Clark got votes from Scottie, Faysal, Rockstar, and Bayleigh.

From the sounds of her chat with EW, Kaycee never really wavered from keeping Tyler and evicting JC Mounduix. Clark said she and Tyler clicked at the beginning of the game and there was no way she was going to betray their alliance unless she learned he’d done something shady regarding her.

“There was nothing that was gonna steer me away and it worked out just perfect.”

Kaycee says she thinks she would have won going up against JC too, although that vote might have been quite close in that pairing as well. Clark does say that the final vote against Tyler did end up much closer than she expected. The Big Brother winner admits that she was overthinking things when it came to guessing the final votes and that ultimately, she’s thankful for the votes she did get.

The Big Brother winner says that she never made promises she couldn’t keep and she was often purposefully vague with people. She knew that less was more and that she couldn’t trust everybody, and she credits her social game for carrying her to the end. Kaycee believes her best move was winning so many Power of Veto competitions and helping evict big targets.

Clark says she’s going to help her family with the money and invest in their future. Kaycee isn’t sure she’d do another round of Big Brother, admitting it was harder than she expected. However, with a bit of a break, she might be up for another run again down the road.

Fans were thrilled to see Kaycee Clark and Tyler Crispen make it to the end and a lot of Big Brother fans were excited to see Kaycee pull out the win. Next up for the franchise is another season of Celebrity Big Brother this winter and spoilers about the casting should emerge soon.