Prince Charles’ Cousin Ashley Hicks Experiences Instant Karma After Leaving Pregnant Wife

Hicks' girlfriend dumps him to preserve her reputation, says 'PageSix.'

Ashley Hicks and Martina Mondadori attend T Celebrates Salone del Mobile
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Hicks' girlfriend dumps him to preserve her reputation, says 'PageSix.'

Prince Charles’ cousin Ashley Hicks’ attempt to weave a tangled web has backfired, and now the man who left his pregnant wife for her married best friend has neither in his life. All this practically on the eve of publishing his new book on Buckingham Palace interiors, with a foreword by Prince Charles.

PageSix says that last week, Ashley Hicks left his pregnant, American wife Kata de Solis for her best friend Martina Mondadori Sartogo. But though this was all very dramatic and uprooting for both families, Sartogo has called things off, according to her publicist.

Sartogo (who is the godmother of the Hicks’ baby) is the founder of the magazine Cabana, which is dedicated to luxury living, and her readers were less than impressed by the homewrecker vibe of her intimate relationship with de Solis’ husband. She got significant backlash on Instagram from her followers, according to a spokesman.

“Things have turned nasty for the new couple.”

Sartogo broke things off with Hicks when she realized she is being painted as the bad guy, according to a source close to the family.

“She was in love with Ashley until she realized everyone was going to hate her. So she has bailed.”

Ashley Hicks confessed the affair to his wife last month, setting off the current scandal. A big launch party for his book Buckingham Palace: The Interiors was planned for Hicks on October 2 at a London Ralph Lauren store, but those invited have been told that the event is canceled.

The Daily Mail says that Ashley Hicks now finds himself without a wife and without a girlfriend. He and his estranged wife have a year old son, Caspian, and she is pregnant with their second child. The two have been married for three years.

De Solis has told friends that she has moved out of the family home and is stressed at being abandoned by her husband and a friend.

“It is a huge worry for Kata with Ashley having run off, but she knows she will somehow just have to cope.”

It’s unclear if de Solis will return to the United States. Miss de Solis has had a rocky relationship with Hicks’ daughters from his first marriage, Angelica and Ambrosia.

“I get on with the younger one (Ambrosia, 21), but not the older one.”

There have been rumors that Angelica pushed de Solis into her wedding cake at the party three years ago.