‘Big Brother 20’s’ Bayleigh Dayton & Swaggy C Are Keeping Quiet About Possible Pregnancy, Per ‘US Weekly’

Sonja FlemmingCBS

Well, if you ever thought that a pre-juror on “Big Brother” couldn’t bring a lot to finale night — you’d be wrong.

Last night, Swaggy C shocked the country by proposing to Bayleigh Dayton live on television. Swaggy C and Bayleigh were together for twenty-three days this summer. After Swaggy C was the second evictee of the season, he returned to the outside world but kept his feelings for Bayleigh strong. The two started their romance quickly in the house, and were viewed as one of the season’s stand-out couples.

The shocking proposal did nothing but fuel pregnancy rumors. Bayleigh made headlines earlier this summer when she talked about a possible pregnancy on the live-feeds with housemate Haleigh, US Weekly reports. The shocking proposal left many wondering if the pregnancy rumors were actually true — and if BB was getting another franchise baby.

After the proposal, Bayleigh commented on how she felt,

“Everybody’s been telling me I’m glowing, which is good ’cause I’m, like, bursting with happiness. I’ve literally said, like, three words since it’s happened.”

Bayleigh may have been flustered — and employed the word “glowing” to describe her overall happiness — but usually the word is reserved for pregnant woman. When directly asked about the pregnancy, Swaggy C and Bayleigh both reportedly “shrugged” and Swaggy stated, “Not commenting on anything… We’re not saying nothing.” Bayleigh shared the sentiment by saying that they couldn’t comment on “anything baby related”.

Swaggy C told Bayleigh during the live finale that he had been playing golf with her dad every weekend and that her family was supportive of their romance.

Many fans are not happy about the airtime that Swaggy C got, since it took away from the final two’s speeches and the reading of the jury votes. Airtime had to be given for Swaggy to pull of his stunt, and some are saying that it wasn’t fair to the other houseguests. Tyler Crispen — who won America’s favorite houseguest last night — was rushed during his final speech to the jury. While his speech took place before the proposal, it’s clear that production was hurrying along the process since the live show was running short on time.

Julie Chen Moonves prompted the proposal herself after beginning an admittedly forced segment on showmances right before the final vote was revealed. Bayleigh at first looked shocked but she accepted the proposal.

As for the possible baby? Well, it wouldn’t be the first Big Brother baby by a long shot — Jessica and Cody from BB 19 just announced their pregnancy — but it may just be the first baby conceived in the BB house.