Barbara Streisand Releases Donald Trump Diss Track ‘Don’t Lie To Me’

'How do you win if we all lose?'

barbara streisand releases a donald trump diss track
Jason Merritt / Getty Images for Netflix

'How do you win if we all lose?'

Barbara Streisand has released a “diss track” against Donald Trump, in the form of the song “Don’t Lie To Me,” on her new album Walls.

As Yahoo Entertainment reports, Walls is Streisand’s first album of mostly-new music since 2005. And even the title of the album is an oblique dig at Donald Trump, referencing his administration’s insistence on building a border wall along the border with Mexico.

But it’s the song “Don’t Lie To Me” that is directly, and unambiguously, a dig at the president. Take a look at some of the lyrics.

“Why can’t you just tell the truth? How do you win if we all lose? How do you sleep when the world keeps turning? / All that we’ve built has come undone.”

Speaking to Billboard, Streisand clears up any ambiguity about what, or whom, the song may be about. It’s about Trump, she says unequivocally.

“The Liar in Chief, the Groper in Chief. Yeah, I’ve written many articles about this… this person… who has no manners, insults everybody, makes fun of disabled people. It’s my protest, in a sense, about this unprecedented time in our history. What it says about America.”

You can hear the song embedded below.

Streisand also takes aim at the very process that got Donald Trump into the Oval Office, saying that it’s time for the Electoral College to go, and to elect the president directly via popular vote.

She further posits that Russian hacking may have played a role in Hillary Clinton’s loss in 2016 – a race that Streisand was sure Hillary was going to win.

Beyond “Don’t Lie To Me,” other songs on the album aren’t directly about Trump, but are rather about her hope that the country can put the administration, and the effects it’s had on the nation, in the rearview mirror. Something that she hopes will begin with the 2018 midterm elections.

“There’s a light coming in and hope for the future. We have to grow as a nation.”

Absent their political meaning, Streisand says that the other songs on her album are about strength and resilience.

Streisand is one of the most outspoken liberals in all of the entertainment industry, often putting her star power behind leftist candidates and causes. For example, in 1971, her advocacy got her included on Richard Nixon’s list of political enemies; and in 2008, she campaigned unsuccessfully against California’s Proposition 8, which would have banned gay marriage.

Streisand’s new album, Walls, will be released on November 2.