Brooklyn woman hatches elaborate scheme to kill husband’s child with mistress

Keisha Jones, 38, was livid when she discovered her husband and the father of her children had carried on an affair with another woman for years, an affair that resulted in a child.

Jones became determined to eliminate the problem at the source: Monique Hunter’s baby. Jones stole a doctor’s prescription pad and called Hunter, 25, from a phone number spoofed to look like that of an OB-GYN. Posing as an employee of Hunter’s doctor, Jones urged the woman to pick up a prescription for a drug that she convinced Hunter, 25, would prevent the child from being born with Down’s Syndrome. (Hunter, in her seventh month of pregnancy, apparently believed this.) The drug, actually a medication called Cytotec, caused Jones to immediately go into labor. She gave birth to a baby boy she named Anthony, Jr. at Kings County Hospital. (Oh, burn, Keisha!)

Jones, foiled in her attempts on the child’s life, then sent a man with an unidentified substance in water bottles labeled “breast milk” to the hospital. Eagle eyed nurses immediately deduced that the fluid (which had not eminated from Hunter’s breasts) was not breastmilk, and contacted police, who slowly pieced together the continuing assaults on the mother and child.

Jones, who reportedly also gave birth to a child last month, was arrested Friday and charges are pending for assault, attempted abortion, forgery and possession of a forged instrument. Jones’ husband is not thought to have been involved in the plot against Monique Hunter and her son.