Bella Hadid Poses Topless As She Hugs Jordan Barrett From Behind

Bella poses topless with Jordan.
Bryan Bedder / Astrid Stawiarz / Stringer / Getty Images

Bella Hadid is one of the most sought-after models right now. And she’s always taking fashion to the next level, garnering her a huge following on Instagram of over 20.1 million fans. And in a recent post shared by Jordan Barrett, Bella’s taking things up a notch once again.

In the black-and-white picture, Bella is topless as she wrapped her right arm around Jordan Barrett’s arm. She put her left arm along his back, as she turned his head to look at her. Hadid faced the camera straight on, as her hair had big curls. It looks like she was wearing some jeans, and she also accessorized with tons of rings on both hands. Jordan, on the other hand, wore a pair of sunglasses. The photo looks like it’s from an ad campaign, and Jordan captioned it “Chrome hearts, Learning French.”

His fans responded positively, as some speculated on the meaning of the caption. One user said, “Chrome hearts is also a name of a Japanese fashion brand. I’ll be impressed if this is an ad for them.” Another simply stated, “Amazing.”

The speculation that the ad is for Chrome Hearts is likely on point, considering that the logo that’s cut off at the bottom of the post looks just like the brand’s official logo. The fashion brand advises people to only buy their clothing from authorized retailers, which are all located in Japan.

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Mediterranean. All hands occupied.

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Both Bella and Jordan were spotted on Tuesday night going to the same venue, although they were accompanied by different people. While Bella spent time with a girlfriend, Jordan was seen walking next to Cindy Crawford, detailed the Daily Mail. Barrett wore some casual black sweats, a black T-shirt, and black jacket. Cindy, on the other hand, wore some leather or leather-like pants and a flowy, leopard-print top.

Earlier in the day, Jordan was spotted wearing a much more colorful ensemble. He sported some bright brown pants with a matching belt and a darker brown sweater. He wore some rings, bracelets, and a necklace with some black loafers and no socks.

Barrett is a very popular model, but even he admitted that the pay rate for guys is not as good as it is for girls. This is what he said, according to the Daily Mail.

“Sales in men’s and women’s products are completely different, it is ­obvious and fair that women make more money in modelling. It is basically a women’s ­industry. More women buy makeup, hair products and clothing than men. It is just simply that. Guys aren’t generally out there buying tonnes of hair products. Girls buy more clothes than guys.’