Demi Rose Poses In A Revealing Sheer Top

Demi wears a sheer top.
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Demi Rose recently made her way to London after spending a glorious summer in Ibiza. The Instagram model spent some time getting some work done, including some photoshoots to promote her new app. And today, she posted a new photo on her Instagram, which showed her lounging on a white, plush chair. She wore a pink, sheer top that is quite revealing. Demi could also be wearing a sheer, pink leotard, but it’s hard to see. At any rate, she sported a matching pink bottom, with a cute lace skirt with white polka-dot details. Rose completed the outfit with some white heels and a simple charm necklace with a short chain. She captioned the photo, “My sleepy bear & I,” as a tiny, brown dog slept at her side.

The model’s fans responded positively, with tons of people showering her with compliments about how gorgeous she looked. Some people wanted to know what type of dog hers was, while others simply told her that they’re a big fan.

American fans also have something to look forward to, as she is believed to be moving to the U.S. with her boyfriend, DJ Chris Martinez, soon. The model’s biggest goal and dream is to break into the acting industry, so she’s probably headed to Los Angeles, although nobody knows for sure yet.

This is what Demi said about her acting dreams.

“I’ve been taking acting classes once a week and they are helping to build my confidence. The plan is to move to Los Angeles as soon as I can get a working visa. I can’t be sure I am going to make it but I want to try my best. Movies have always been a passion of mine since I went to stage school.”

Rose has also previously expressed how much she enjoys her lifestyle, but also admitted that she hasn’t forgotten her roots.

“I love the best parties, yachts and fast cars – but deep down I’m just Demi, a kid from Sutton Coldfield who got lucky.”

And while Demi is enjoying her Instagram fame and jet-setting lifestyle, it wasn’t always easy for her. She explained that when she was younger, kids picked on her based on the way she looked, according to the Mirror.

“Bullies used to throw chewing gum in my hair and pull chairs away as I was about to sit on them. I hated it. They all thought I looked and acted weird. I couldn’t wait to finish.”

Those days are long gone now, however. The model is steadily growing her business with her app and other strategic brand partners.

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