‘Big Brother 20’ Pre-Jurors Pick Who They Thought Was Going To Win It All On Finale Night

A spoiler alert is now in place.

Johnny Vy / CBS

A spoiler alert is now in place.

This season of Big Brother was a huge treat for fans who were starving after last year’s disappointing summer. Not only did BB 20 come jampacked with dramatic fights, multiple showmances, and crazy competitions, it also provided fans with interesting and compelling pre-jurors.

Pre-jurors refer to the houseguests who were evicted before the jury was formed, hence the name. The Hollywood Reporter picked the brains of Rachel Swindler, Swaggy C Williams, Kaitlyn Herman, Winston Hines, and Steve Arienta to see what their take on the epic season was. More importantly, however, the article includes who the pre-jurors thought would win on Thursday night. Out of JC Mounduix, Tyler Crispen, and Kaycee Clark, the first five evicted houseguests were asked to name their winner.

Now, let it be known that pre-jurors actually didn’t get to cast a vote Thursday night. But, their predictions can reveal a lot about house dynamics that casual fans may have not noticed while watching this season.

Kaitlyn led the discussion with a non-answer to start.

“They all did something right. They’re all there for a reason.”

However, she circled back to Kaycee’s incredible gameplay and gave credit where credit was due. Tyler, in her opinion, was absolutely out of the question for pretending to be “in love” with her to get ahead in the game (allegedly).

Rachel agreed that Kaycee played a great game but gave credit to her other Level 6 ally, “both of them are deserving, but I would vote for Kaycee.” Rachel may still be stinging from her surprise eviction and Kaycee has come off as much more gentle in her gameplay.

Swaggy C held an almost entirely opposite opinion and backed Tyler for his aggressive strategy by saying, “Tyler is number one, JC is number two and Angela is number three. Tyler made every move from day one. Kaycee started playing at day 60.”

Winston pointed out that Tyler played the best game in his opinion, but that he wasn’t sure if he was going to pull out a win. Winston made the salient point.

“The game itself was played the best by Tyler. They may need to change the voting style in the next couple of years because people vote emotionally.”

A bitter jury can mean the difference between winning and losing (maybe even two seasons in a row if you’re Paul from BB 19). Tyler, who has played the most strategy heavy game, may fall short when it comes to securing empathetic jury votes. Swaggy C tried to explain how he thought Kaycee was undeserving of being in the final two, even going so far to bring up Angela who placed fourth this season.

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Steve, who was unfortunately evicted first, said it was a toss-up between Kaycee and Tyler but ultimately said he would lean toward Tyler. It meant another nail-biting end this season as the jury voted after freshly being evicted themselves in the past few weeks. There’s no telling what emotions were felt on finale night by any of the houseguests.

No one in pre-jury selected JC as their pick to win.