Senate Investigating Fifth Brett Kavanaugh Accuser Who Says He Raped Her On A Boat In 1985

Chip Somodevilla Getty Images

A fifth accuser has come forward with allegations of sexual assault against Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh. Per the accusation, the alleged incident took place in 1985 on a boat in Newport, Rhode Island harbor, the Raw Story reported. Kavanaugh was 20 years of age at the time.

Bloomberg’s White House reporter Jennifer Epstein tweeted transcripts of a call between the Judiciary Committee staff and Kavanaugh, which showed the account of an [unnamed] constituent from Rhode Island who accused Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting his close acquaintance. The tweet was later deleted by the reporter after the accuser reportedly recanted the statement and apologized for “making a mistake”.

The [unnamed] accuser said that his acquaintance was sexually assaulted by two “heavily inebriated men she referred to at the time as Brett and Mark,” on a Sunday morning in August of 1985.

“[Unnamed] recently realized that one of the men was Brett Kavanaugh when she saw Kavanaugh’s high school yearbook photo on television over the weekend,” the document read.

Upon learning that, the constituent promptly reported the incident to the Committee’s office on Monday morning, September 24, 2018.

During the call, Kavanaugh was questioned about the boat incident by the Judiciary Committee staff but he strongly denied the allegations saying that he has never been on a boat in Newport.

“This is just completely made up… I don’t know what they’re referring to,” Kavanaugh said, as shown by the transcript.

Previously, four women came forward to accuse the Supreme Court nominee of inappropriate behavior, including sexual assault, attempted rape, and participation in gang rape parties. Kavanaugh’s first public accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, will testify before the Judiciary Committee on Thursday. So far, Kavanaugh has categorically denied all allegations levied against him.

“This is crazy town. It’s a smear campaign. It’s trying to take me down, trying to take down my family,” the Washington Post quoted Kavanaugh in a report.

“That is false. I’ve never participated in gang rape. I think it’s absurd, outrageous, a joke, a farce, the Twilight Zone.”

Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley posted a tweet regarding the matter and said that he has 20 staff investigators probing into the allegations against Kavanaugh.

Earlier, in a letter to ranking member Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif), Grassley said that he is not going to silence Ford as he vowed to provide her with a “safe, comfortable, and dignified opportunity to testify,” and assured that Kavanaugh’s hearing will proceed before a possible vote, as Fox News reported.

Ahead of the hearing on Thursday, President Donald Trump, who earlier defended Kavanaugh by calling the accusations a “con game,” seemed to be open to hearing Ford’s account regarding the allegations.

In a press conference, he said that he is “open to changing his mind,” per the AJC report.

“I’m going to see what happens tomorrow,” President Trump added.