‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: New Character Daisy Pops Up, Fans Buzz About Potential Storylines And Connections

What's known so far about the new character of Daisy, the gal who popped up at Charlie's during Wednesday's 'General Hospital'?

'General Hospital' stars Parry Shen and Kelsey Wang
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What's known so far about the new character of Daisy, the gal who popped up at Charlie's during Wednesday's 'General Hospital'?

During Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital, a gal stopped by Charlie’s Pub to ask Julian if she could pass out some flyers for a party. This was just a brief scene, but the previews for Thursday showed that Kristina would approach this new gal and ask her about the party. Between that short sneak peek and some social media posts, it looks as if this new cast member may be sticking around in Port Charles for a while.

After Wednesday’s show, actor Parry Shen (Brad) took to social media to welcome this actress. Her name is Kelsey Wang, and Shen said he was showing her the ropes. It seems her character’s name is Daisy, and General Hospital fans already see the writers setting her up as a romantic interest for Kristina.

Some General Hospital fans also speculated on social media about whether there was any significance to the fact that Shen was the one showing her the ropes. Brad had all sorts of family drama woven into his story years ago, but he’s been flying solo for quite a while. It might seem unlikely that Daisy would be a relative of his and simply pop up this way, but it could be a possibility.

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Some fans on Twitter are wondering if Daisy could end up being the birth mother to the true baby Wiley who suddenly died, although that might be a relatively unlikely theory. In addition, there are a few General Hospital fans who are joking about how Wang may be one of the few young actresses on the soap at the moment who isn’t a candidate to be Nina’s long-lost daughter.

Numerous viewers are cheering that Wang’s addition to the cast will add more diversity to the show. How much can viewers expect to see of Wang on General Hospital going forward? Spoilers haven’t emerged on this front yet, but all signs point toward Daisy being someone who will be seen somewhat regularly.

The actress shared a post on her Instagram noting that she was excited to finally be able to share the secret she’d been keeping about being cast. In addition, the show seems to be spreading the word about having her join, as they retweeted Shen’s initial post.

Wang thanked Shen for showing her the ropes on her first day of filming and she shared a tease about waiting to see who Daisy becomes friends with in Port Charles. Kelsey’s IMDb page notes that has had a few other brief entertainment gigs before this, but it looks like General Hospital is probably the biggest opportunity she’s landed so far.

Will this new character of Daisy become romantically involved with Kristina or do the writers have other ideas for her? How long will Kelsey Wang be sticking around General Hospital? Stay tuned for spoilers as additional information becomes available to see what comes next.