‘Big Brother’ 20 Spoilers: Final 3 Houseguests Prepare For Last Round Of HOH, Finale Voting

Sonja FlemmingCBS

Only three houseguests are left with the Season 20 finale of Big Brother just ahead and fans cannot wait to see who wins this one. It’s down to Kaycee Clark, Tyler Crispen, and JC Mounduix, and there are a few BB20 spoilers available regarding how things are shaping up going into the final episode.

As the Inquisitr has already shared, Tyler won Round 1 of the final Head of Household competition and Kaycee beat JC in Round 2. The last part of the HOH battle will be done live during Wednesday’s BB20 finale and the winner will choose the houseguest who sits next to them as the jury casts their votes.

Unfortunately, at least as of Tuesday night when the live feeds were still available, JC still remained in the dark about Tyler and Kaycee’s alliance. Big Brother spoilers via Big Brother Daily on Twitter detail that JC has been talking a lot with Tyler about how anxious he is for Tyler to beat Kaycee in the HOH and take him to the finale.

JC is certain that Kaycee will take Tyler if she wins, as he feels that Kaycee is confident she can beat Tyler in votes. JC has promised Tyler that he has his vote if he’s out in third place, and he thinks that he can squeeze in some campaigning for Tyler with the jury before the votes are cast. JC has admitted that he’s nervous, but he’s quite desperate for Tyler to win HOH and he’s talked about how badly he wants to be in the Final 2 with Tyler.

Despite all that, Tyler has stayed vague in his discussions with JC. As Big Brother Network details, Tyler has talked extensively with Kaycee about sticking to their deal. In fact, spoilers note that they discussed telling JC about their deal before Wednesday’s show, perhaps once the live feeds went dark. Mounduix asked Crispen that he not be blindsided if at all possible, and it sounds as if his fellow remaining houseguests may try to honor that request.

If Tyler and Kaycee do tell JC about their deal ahead of the last part of the HOH competition, some might consider it to be an interesting strategy. This would leave JC knowing that he has no chance at getting to the Final 2 and it might leave him reconsidering his pledge to vote for Tyler. However, that discussion would seem to solidify that neither Tyler nor Kaycee is even considering changing their mind at the last minute.

Some BB20 fans had wondered if Tyler might throw the competition to Kaycee, letting her be the one to get blood on her hands by evicting JC. That won’t be a factor if they tell JC about their deal ahead of time though.

Unless there’s a last-minute shocker, viewers can expect to see Tyler and Kaycee sitting next to one another as the jury casts their votes. Which one of them will win? Most BB20 fans would agree that this is a deserving Final 2, unlike some recent seasons, and both Crispen and Clark can make good arguments for why they should win.

The jury is said to be pretty wound up over some of the moves from this season and fans seem to be torn over who they think should win. Will the jury vote end up being close or will one of the two run away with this one? Is there any way that JC ends up in the Final 2? The Big Brother 20 finale airs Wednesday night on CBS and fans cannot wait to see how it all unfolds.