‘Big Brother’ 20 Spoilers: America’s Favorite Houseguest Voting Closes, Popular Vote Winner Unveiled [Rumors]

Will the 'BB20' AFH winner be the one who supposedly was leading in the voting earlier this week?

Julie Chen of 'Big Brother 20'
Johnny Vy / CBS

Will the 'BB20' AFH winner be the one who supposedly was leading in the voting earlier this week?

It’s time for the Big Brother 20 finale and spoilers have suggested that it’ll be a wild ending. Viewers know that Tyler, Kaycee, and JC made it to the Final 3, but the last HOH competition round will play out live — and then it’s time for the jury members to cast their votes. In addition to the top two finishers winning some bucks, someone will walk away with a nice cash prize of $25,000 for winning the title of “America’s Favorite Houseguest.” Fans are curious to see how this one shapes up — and it may not go as anticipated.

As the Inquisitr shared a few days ago, Tyler seemed solidly in the lead with the “AFH” voting. America’s Favorite Houseguest, or “America’s Favorite Player” as it’s sometimes referenced, has not gone to either of the top two finishers over the past few seasons. Supposedly, the top two houseguests are eligible to win this time around. Fans wonder, however, if CBS will go that route if that’s how the votes tally up.

According to REALvegas4sure on Twitter on Monday, Tyler was still in the lead in the voting. There was reportedly a significant swing from first to fifth place with a couple of days left in the voting, and Brett had jumped to second place. Kaycee was reportedly in third with Haleigh and Sam in fourth and fifth. Big Brother spoilers indicated that Angela was just slightly out of fifth place.

That means that Brett was surging in these last couple of days of voting, overtaking Kaycee’s former second place position. There has been a lot of buzz across social media regarding voting for Brett, but could he finish big and overtake Tyler’s top spot?

REALvegas4sure, which has been eerily spot-on with Big Brother spoilers in Season 20, indicates that this won’t happen in a Twitter post. As of Wednesday afternoon, Tyler reportedly won the popular vote for AFH. Tyler will be in the final two, and so that leaves many wondering whether he’ll be awarded that extra $25,000 for America’s Favorite Houseguest.

According to the Big Brother spoilers from this source, “F2 can win it but on at least 2 seasons it was given to another HG. *Producers reserve the right to not count ANY votes in their SOLE discretion*.”

There is a poll included in that tweet asking followers whether or not Tyler should win AFH if he also wins first place this season. Interestingly, the responses are split almost exactly down the middle. A fair number of BB20 fans seem to think that Kaycee will beat Tyler in a final two faceoff, but it’s hard to tell how this jury will ultimately vote.

Will the CBS production award Tyler Crispen the title of America’s Favorite Houseguest regardless of how he finishes in Wednesday’s Big Brother 20 finale? Will the spoilers about the votes be accurate? Many fans would say that it’s unfair to let the fans cast votes for houseguests that ultimately aren’t eligible — or that production will not give the prize to — but this wouldn’t be the first time that this has seemingly come into play. It all plays out Wednesday night on CBS’ Big Brother 20 finale, and fans are sad to see this season end.