Activist Anna Dovgalyuk Is Dumping Bleach On Men’s Crotches To Fight ‘Manspreading’ [Video]

Russian activist dumps bleach on men's crotches to protest against manspreading. / Shutterstock

A women’s right activist has adopted a unique — and drastic — technique to fight “manspreading,” the practice of men sitting in public transport with legs wide apart, taking up more than one seat.

Anna Dovgalyuk, 20, shot a video that compiles a series of instances in which she dumped a strong mixture of bleach and water on the groins of men who she judged as “manspreading,” The Sun reported. Dovgalyuk — a Russian law student at St. Petersburg State University — posted her “video manifesto,” as she calls it, to her YouTube page on Tuesday. The video has since gone viral, garnering more than 1.6 million views in 24 hours.

The video is a little over three minutes long and is edited to show a series of clips of her dumping the mixture — which required 30 liters (8 gallons) of water and 6 liters (1.6 gallons) of bleach to create — over the groins of offending men. The clips were all shot the same day, and the video includes an introductory segment of her explaining that the video’s intention is to protest against the “disgusting” practice.

“The disgusting act that is being fought with around the world and it is hushed up in us,” she says in Russian in the video, which includes English subtitles. “Men demonstrating their alpha-manhood in the subway with women and children around, deserve contempt. If you publicly show what kind of macho you are, we will publicly cool you off!”

Dovgalyuk said that the bleach is symbolic since it leaves a permanent mark, which — in her view — serves the purpose of marking the men who engage in “manspreading,” a written message in the video explains.

“So, everyone can immediately understand which body part controls the behavior of these men,” the message reads.

The Sun reported that local media in Russia has deemed the video fake, but Dovgalyuk contends that it is “absolutely real.”

No one has sued Dovgalyuk so far, as per The Sun.

“I don’t think people are going to go to the police to file a report about jeans,” the publication quoted Dovgalyuk as saying.

In October 2017, the student attracted attention for a similar video in which she lifts up her dress in a busy train station to raise awareness for upskirting. Upskirting refers to the practice of strangers discreetly taking photos under women’s skirts, usually on busy trains or buses, The Sun reported at the time.

“This video is ‘dedicated’ to all who love to peek under skirts. On the behalf all women who became your victims – here, look! And stay away from us,” she captioned the video, as per The Sun.