‘General Hospital’ First Peek At Genie Francis Return, Laura Steps Into A Dangerous Situation With Ryan

Genie Francis is back as Laura Spencer Collins this Friday.

Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images

Genie Francis is back as Laura Spencer Collins this Friday.

Genie Francis has finally returned to General Hospital. A lot has happened in Port Charles since her character Laura Spencer Collins has been gone. She has a surprise homecoming and no one is more shocked than her husband Kevin Collins. Only he isn’t exactly who she thinks he is. It’s pretty complicated these days on the ABC soap.

Entertainment Weekly has just posted an exclusive first peek at the actress’s return to General Hospital. Francis is expected to first appear at the end of Friday’s episode as she shows up unexpectedly. Kevin, who is actually his serial killer twin brother Ryan Chamberlain, is inside with a rope in his hand when she knocks on the door. He is contemplating using that rope on someone, most likely Felicia Scorpio.

Laura has no idea what is happening, nor does anyone else. Kevin is trapped inside a padded cell at Ferncliff, thanks to his brother. Genie Francis is coming back to this heavy storyline, which she will be deeply involved with. Laura will be living with a serial killer while her real husband is strapped up in a straight jacket and being drugged.

In the General Hospital preview, Laura is back earlier than expected. Ryan is certainly surprised to see her. He is especially uncomfortable when she kisses him on the lips. Her homecoming won’t be as welcoming as she anticipates it to be. The look on her face when they embrace seems like she knows that something is off, but can’t quite figure out what it is.

Ryan asks her how long she will be staying. When she told him that she is home for good, he revealed a nervous grin, or it could have been a sinister one. This is going to be quite a dangerous situation for Laura to be in. Ryan will either try to get rid of her permanently or do his best to keep her distracted by other things while he dishes up his plan to deal with Felicia.

Laura may very well be a little distracted when her grandson Spencer Cassadine follows her back to Port Charles soon. Young actor Nicolas Bechtel has confirmed that he is returning to General Hospital as well, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. He is expected to also be tied into this Ryan/Kevin storyline. Maybe Spencer will actually be the one who sniffs out his step-grandad’s real identity.

This is the big story that has brought Genie Francis back to her old stomping ground. The longtime General Hospital actress was taken off contract earlier this year. Fans caused quite a ruckus about it. Now she is back and ready to take on this old/new storyline involving the good twin versus the evil twin that began 25 years ago.

Laura Spencer Collins will truly begin her dangerous journey starting this Friday on ABC.