WWE News: Security Confiscates Anti-Roman Reigns Sign At ‘Monday Night Raw’ — Champion Didn’t Like It

If the Universal Champ says it has to go, then, it has to go.

The Shield takes to the ring.

If the Universal Champ says it has to go, then, it has to go.

If you’ve watched any WWE programming over the course of the last five years, you know that Roman Reigns is going to be pushed by creative. Currently, he is still the WWE Universal Champion on Monday Night Raw and is truly “the guy” on the company’s top show. With that being said, it appears that WWE brass are listening to what Reigns wants as well — which could be why an anti-Roman Reigns sign was confiscated during this week’s Monday Night Raw.

Fans have brought signs to wrestling events for as long as the spectacle has been televised — a tradition that still carries on today. On it, fans may write a superstar’s name — portraying their like or dislike of the star in question — or come up with a clever saying to splash across the paper. It is all done in the hopes that the fan might see their sign make it to television, as the show is broadcast live.

Right now, The Shield stable — comprised of Roman Reigns, Seth Rollings, and Dean Ambrose — is dominant on Raw. The stable can lay claim to holding the Universal Championship and the Intercontinental Championship as Reigns and Rollins occupy those posts respectively. The Shield is currently involved in a huge feud with Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, and Braun Strowman — a battle which has taken center stage and is a huge focus for the red brand.

Wrestling Inc. pointed out that a lot of what The Shield says is what goes — and that this is especially true for Roman Reigns.

Obviously, the sign isn’t really something that is overly supportive of WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. On screen, Reigns continues to be booed out of the building — as has been the case for years — but this sign was apparently not acceptable for display, according to WWE security.

Another Twitter user asked the owner of the sign if anyone from security had told him why the sign was taken from him. In an interesting twist, he wasn’t given much of a reason, but they did at least advise him that someone “doesn’t like it.”

While nothing more is known about the mysterious figure that told security to take away the fan’s sign, the “he” appears to refer to Roman Reigns himself — as Wrestling Inc. believes. The “he” in question could also refer to one of the backstage agents, Triple H, or even Vince McMahon himself. It could also just be an easy pretext for security to remove offensive signs writ large, the same reason being given to any fan bringing negative attention to the brand.

WWE has confiscated signs for many years, but they usually limit them to those which are more offensive or vulgar. In this case, it is obvious that they merely didn’t want their Universal Champion being disrespected on Monday Night Raw.