Ben Affleck Reportedly Spoiling ‘Playboy’ Girlfriend Shauna Sexton With Jewelry And Money, Per ‘Radar Online’

Affleck is spending money on Shauna.
Emma McIntyre / Getty Images

It’s no secret by now that Ben Affleck and Playboy playmate Shauna Sexton are a thing, but it’s now been revealed that the actor is spending big bucks on “taking care” of his new girlfriend, according to Radar Online. This includes “wads” of cash as well as gifts like jewelry and expensive meals. This is what a source revealed.

“Apparently, he left her pocket money to get her hair and nails done. Like wads of cash.”

The source also added that Shauna’s not necessarily asking for anything in particular.

“He’s a boyfriend with benefits and he likes to share his wealth. Shauna isn’t asking for this, Ben just loves taking care of her.”

So far, most of Ben and Shauna’s relationship has taken place while the actor is in rehab. After all, it was only a week or so after the two were rumored to be a couple before Jennifer Garner had to step in to take her ex to rehab. At the time, Ben appeared harried and stressed out. Since his admittance to rehab, however, he’s been seen looking better as he takes breaks from the facility to work out at home.

Meanwhile, Shauna’s been spotted out and about driving Ben’s SUV. She’s visited him in rehab and quit her day job.

This past weekend, Shauna headed out of town to enjoy some time away from the city. She took a couple of girlfriends with her, as well as their dogs. It’s hard to know whether Ben gave the girls any funding for the trip, but it’s possible.

Since returning to L.A., the model was spotted in her usual athletic wear, detailed the Daily Mail. Sexton sported a gray crop top and black leggings. She appears to go to the gym regularly to keep herself in shape, which is not surprising since she’s confessed her love of working out in past interviews.

“If I’m not working, I’m working out. I do a lot of high-interval training and incorporate cardio.”

Now that she’s not working at the vet, she probably has more time to hit the gym. Plus, one of the gifts that Ben supposedly gave her is a gym pass. So while the couple has had to spend a lot of time apart, they’re both focused on keeping up their physique.

Some people have been very wary of Shauna’s presence since she likes to party and drink alcohol. We’ll just have to see how things pan out as Ben continues rehab and eventually returns to his regular routine.