Thomas Ravenel’s On-And-Off Girlfriend Ashley Jacobs Is Flooded With Comments About His Arrest On Instagram

Ashley Jacobs is receiving tons of messages from concerned fans.

Ashley Jacobs Instagram After Thomas Ravenel Arrest

Ashley Jacobs is receiving tons of messages from concerned fans.

Thomas Ravenel’s girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs, is being encouraged to break up with the ex-Southern Charm star after his September 25 arrest in Charleston, South Carolina.

After news broke of Ravenel being taken into custody and charged with assault and battery, fans began flooding Jacobs with comments on her Instagram page, many of which encouraged her to walk away from their relationship for good.

“Are you going to stay with Thomas now that he’s been arrested on assault charges?” one person asked.

“Truly hope she doesn’t stay with a man who sexually assaults women,” another wrote.

In the photo shared by Jacobs last week, she was seen posing on a pier at the Charleston Harbor Marina as her boyfriend, Ravenel, snapped the photo. While nothing more than Ravenel’s shadow was seen in the photo she confirmed to a curious fan that he deserved the photo credit.

“What do you think about Thomas being arrested??” another commenter questioned.

“Save yourself and move on,” said another. “You deserve better than an ex-con who is going to be up for assault charges. He has a history of bad behavior. You don’t deserve to be a part of any of this.”

As Ashley remained silent in regard to her boyfriend’s arrest, her fans and followers told her to take Ravenel’s arrest as a warning sign.

Following Thomas Ravenel’s assault arrest this week, Bravo TV confirmed they would no longer be working with him. As for Ashley Jacobs, the network remained silent in regard to her future on Southern Charm.

Although Ravenel previously made it clear in a number of tweets that he did not want to continue working with Bravo after they allegedly misrepresented his story, Jacobs has said that she would love to be invited back to the show for Season 6 and given a chance to convince viewers she isn’t as bad as she seemed on Season 5.

As fans will recall, Jacobs lashed out at Kathryn Dennis, the mother of Ravenel’s two kids, during a shocking moment on the show as she slammed her as an “egg donor” and a bad mom. The devastating moment came as a major surprise to Dennis, who has worked hard to regain custody of her kids after going through hard times years ago and led her co-stars to speak out against Jacobs.

“I wish they had the decency to contact me and give me a chance. Because I would like to have a redemption story, the same way Kathryn [Dennis] did. I’m not going to fight and I’m not going to play dirty,” Jacobs told People weeks ago.

Southern Charm Season 6 is expected to go into production sometime later this year.