Janice Dickinson Screamed “Who’s Having The Last Laugh Now?” As Bill Cosby Was Jailed

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Supermodel Janice Dickinson has revealed how she gleefully taunted a disgraced Bill Cosby as he was taken from court to begin his 10-year jail sentence.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Janice reveals she screamed across the courtroom at a broken and shamed Cosby, “Who’s having the last laugh now?” And “Have fun in prison.”

In the same interview given directly after Cosby’s trial, Janice, who was one of five women to testify against the former star, branded her alleged rapist as a “sexually deviant monster” and claimed the “world would be a better place without him.”

The man once fondly regarded as “America’s dad” was jailed for three counts of indecent assault. The charges related to an incident in his Philadelphia home in 2004 when he drugged and sexually attacked former friend Andrea Constand.

Cosby has become the first big star to be convicted of sex abuse in the wake of the #MeToo movement.

Cosby has been accused by over 60 women who allege he’s been drugging and sexually abusing females for decades.

Janice was there in the flesh to witness the final act in Cosby’s epic fall from grace. Earlier in the trial, she told the Philadelphia courtroom how in 1982, aged 27, she was in a hotel room in Lake Tahoe California when Cosby had allegedly offered her a pill for period pains.

The drug left her devoid of strength and unable to move as Cosby allegedly raped her. Janice claims she woke up the next morning covered in Cosby’s semen. Nearly 40 years later she said she still experiences terrible nightmares and violent mode swings as a consequence of the ordeal.

“That monster took so much from me. It’s never over – there’s always a permanent distortion of life for you – of new and old friends, of loving, working, sleeping – everything is distorted in some way after going through something like that. Even with therapy.

“Then I used alcohol and drugs to try and change the distortion – even temporarily – but that backfired. I exist with nightmares still. Knowing that there are so many positive, good parts of life I missed out on because of this. All of us women had the courses of our lives permanently changed. We deserve justice.”

And when justice came earlier this week Janice wanted to ensure it hit Cosby like a sledgehammer.

“When the verdict was read out a lot of women wept and I noticed that Cosby was laughing, just stood their laughing with his attorneys and that p****d me off. I wanted a shot at him and to wipe that smirk off his face so I waited for a break in proceedings where the judge left the room – but Cosby was still there – and I started laughing out loud. Then I shouted at him, ‘Who’s having the last laugh now?’

“He was looking around pretending to be blind but I don’t believe that for a second – it’s just part of his act to gain sympathy. I’m so pleased the judge gave him the maximum sentence and I hope one day to go to Cosby’s prison and have my moment to say to him what I’ve held in for so many years. I’d look him in the eye and say ‘Rich or poor, young or old – there’s never an excuse for violating a woman. I’d ask him why he cheated on his wife and I’d say ‘Why did you abuse women? Why?’

“That man is a sexually deviant monster. Drugging women so they are unconscious then raping them – it’s just the biggest perversion one can imagine.”

“They’re all waiting for him in prison – they’ve been watching the news. You know those who rape are at the lowest level in prison. The other prison inmates treat you really badly and I hope he gets that. I hope he gets what he deserves in prison. I hope that he never gets parole – in fact the death sentence wouldn’t be good enough for him.”

Janice Dickinson Bill Cosby

Janice admits that at first, she was afraid to go to the authorities about the star because she thought no-one would believe her and the all-powerful Cosby would finish her career, but after Cosy was jailed she said she finally feels vindicated.

“It’s not a man’s world anymore – we’re taking over. You have to believe the women, we will not back down and we will come after you.

“This should be a warning to sex predators and perverts everywhere – your time is up start being afraid.”