Lady Gaga Admits That She Believed She Couldn’t ‘Make It’ As An Actress At Premiere Of ‘A Star Is Born’

Vittorio Zunino CelottoGetty Images

Pop singer Lady Gaga attended Monday night’s premiere of A Star Is Born where she revealed her insecurities about being an actress to E! News‘ Giuliana Rancic, reports E! News.

The singer, who stars in Bradley Cooper’s newest film, revealed that she always wanted to be an actress but that she could never land a job.

“I couldn’t make it as an actress, I was bad at auditioning. I never got a job.”

Despite her difficulties in auditioning, Cooper saw something special in her and decided to cast her as the lead role in A Star Is Born alongside himself. The director sang Gaga’s praises, calling her a “force of nature.”

“It’s all instinctual and I knew it when I met her,” Cooper said. “When I met her I felt like she was so soulful and deep and open and warm and caring and I thought, ‘God if I just could capture what I am seeing right now talking to her [then] we’re going to be okay’.”

He added that her work ethic contributed to her success at playing the role.

“She’s somebody who works so hard and is dedicated. You know, she is very busy and she gave it all up for this movie. Her willingness to put all that work in, I hope she feels paid off because I do.”

Gaga returned Cooper’s praise with some of her own.

“The most challenging part of this process for me was being as vulnerable as the character needed… but he made me feel so comfortable. He challenged me in ways I’ve never been challenged before and I am so so grateful to him for that.”

A Star Is Born comes out in theaters on October 5 and fans are excited about its release.

On a Twitter post showing a clip from the film with the caption, “Bradley Cooper and @ladygaga will leave you wowed,” many fans expressed how much they were looking forward to the movie and commented that they had already bought their tickets.

One fan wrote, “I haven’t anticipated a movie so much since…Hmmmn. A while. Really looking forward to this & the soundtrack!,” while another echoed the same sentiment, commenting, “Cannot wait to see in theaters. Super excited.”

The romance tells the story of musician Jackson (Bradley Cooper) who comes across a struggling artist, named Ally (Lady Gaga). Jackson helps Ally build her music career as the two begin to fall in love. However, Jackson has to battle his own internal demons as Ally becomes more successful and their relationship is put in jeopardy.