French President Emmanuel Macron Rejects Donald Trump’s Isolationist Message

John Moore / Getty Images

French President Emmanuel Macron took to the stage at the U.N. General Assembly on Tuesday and launched into a passionate attack of the policies that had been put forth by President Donald Trump, as the French leader stated that he was ready to take up the mantle of global leadership that is usually reserved for the leader of the United States, according to reports from CNN.

Macron often chastised the Trump administration by name, pointing to what he perceived as shortcomings in the fields of Iran, climate change, the UN, migration, and peace in the Middle East.

Macron also took aim at Trump’s central purpose during his address to the General Assembly, which was an emphasis on the sovereignty of the United States as well as his intents to distance the country from international agreements.

“I shall never stop upholding the principle of sovereignty,” said Macron as he addressed the crowd. “Even in the face of certain nationalism which we’re seeing today, brandishing sovereignty as a way of attacking others.”

Macron took almost the opposite stance of Trump’s vision of independent and isolated countries, putting forth a different worldview that earned a sustained applause at the conclusion of the French leader’s speech.

“Only collective action allows for the upholding of the sovereignty and equality of the people in whose name we take action,” said Macron as he spoke about his vision for the world. “This is the reason we must take action against climate, demographics and digital challenges. No one alone can tackle these.”

Macron explained that the worldview of an emphasis on sovereignty and equality of nations was based in the 1600s, and is currently facing a crisis that could only be solved by international collaboration.

“Nationalism always leads to defeat,” said Macron using the examples of the two World Wars that devastated Europe. “If courage is lacking in the defense of fundamental principles, the international order becomes fragile and this can lead as we have already seen twice, to global war. We saw that with our very own eyes.”

Macron specifically pointed to the United States’ plans to end regional trade pacts in favor of deals with single nations as a failing strategy. As he went on to list the issues facing the world, Macron would often cite the approach taken by the Trump administration, then offer his critique and counterargument, specifically pointing out how important the United Nations and the purpose it served was.

“At a time when our collective system is falling apart, it is most in demand. We shall support those working for peace and humanity.”