Julie Chen Had Surgery To Make Her Eyes ‘Look Bigger,’ Was Told She’d Never Make It Because She Was Chinese

Ron SachsGetty Images

Julie Chen has had a very interesting year as host of Big Brother and The Talk, but there has also been the situation with her husband Leslie Moonves. As that continues to be a bit of a cloud that follows her around, additional stories are coming out and one goes way back to the beginning of her career. Now, the truth about her looks has come out and she admitted that when she was much younger, she actually had surgery to make her eyes appear bigger.

It’s a story that has been out there for a number of years, but AOL has brought it back into the spotlight as rumors continue to swirl around Chen. There are even discussions that Rosie O’Donnell could be her replacement after she suddenly walked out on The Talk just last week.

From a segment on that very talk show back in 2013, Chen admitted that she was 25-years-old and working as a local news reporter in Dayton, Ohio. She was told she’d never stay on as an anchor or make it in the business “because you’re Chinese.”

Julie Chen’s then-boss told her she often looked bored or disinterested because of her “Asian eyes.” That was when she made the decision to undergo a surgery called blepharoplasty (double eyelid surgery) to make her eyes appear bigger.

Chen knew that this move is one that would not only cause some problems in her family, but could also have ended with her being disowned by many of them.

“I was raised to believe in myself based on what I could do with my brain, not my looks. That’s why initially I was surprised to hear the agent recommend the surgery. I felt naive. After much thought and discussing it with my parents, I made the decision to do it.”


She is proud of her Chinese heritage and hasn’t looked back one time since making the decision she did.

Julie Chen wasn’t a stranger to making difficult decisions in the early stages of her career, and things haven’t changed now. As reported by CNN, Chen chose to voluntarily leave The Talk last week and that move came shortly after her husband Les Moonves stepped down as the chief executive of CBS as allegations of sexual misconduct had been brought against him.

During her exit from The Talk, Chen simply said she needed to be at home more and spend more time with her husband and son. She made it in this business entirely on her own due to her talent, difficult decision-making, hard work, and perseverance. Looking back during the early days of her career, Julie Chen was told her Asian appearance would affect things, so she had surgery to make her eyes appear bigger. Along with any and all other decisions she has made, Chen stands by them and never looks back.