Dunkin’ Donuts Drops The ‘Donuts’ In Name Change, Now On A ‘First Name Basis’

Don’t worry, you can still buy donuts from the famous chain. However, CNN Money reported Tuesday that the famous coffee and donut shop is dropping “Donuts” from its name come January 2019. Going by the new brand of “Dunkin'” only, the corporation has hopes to center its fame on its beverage and food service — without so much emphasis on the sticky sweet treats that originally made it famous. The brand’s relabeling means that “Donuts” will be dropped from store names, branding, and labels. The company’s CEO David Hoffmann clarified the purpose of the name change on Tuesday, says CNN.

“Our new branding is one of many things we are doing as part of our blueprint for growth to modernize the Dunkin’ experience for our customer.”

DD made an announcement last year that the name change was being considered, said CNN Money. Apparently, the potential decision was founded on the basis that the company wanted to be known as a “beverage-led brand and coffee leader.” But first, the store said that it wanted to test out the new moniker in stores through 2018 before making the change official. Dunkin’ (without the “Donuts”) opened up shop in Pasadena, California, and Massachusetts as part of the test run.

As of August 2017 — when DD first announced the possible name change — it was already the leader of the U.S. donut-shop industry, said CNN. But donuts aren’t enough. Apparently, the company wants to be better known in the coffee and beverage industry.

So, what does the public think about the name change? An informal Twitter poll from the time of the 2017 announcement revealed that a majority of people surveyed didn’t like the idea of dropping the “Donuts.”

Regardless, the name change is now official news, after 68 years of successful business under the Dunkin’ Donuts brand name. Fan comments on Tuesday’s Twitter announcement by the company seemed to be largely supportive of the branding change.

“I’ve always called you Dunkin’ anyway.”

“I’ve been calling you Dunkin for 5 years now anyway oops.”

“You’re Dunkin’ serious??? I love it!!!”

The company predicted that the name change would not be an issue, as it pointed out that the shortened name has already been used for years in its advertising materials. Take, for example, the slogan “America Runs on Dunkin’.”

DD’s name shortening isn’t the only policy change in the works for the company. In February, WBUR News reported that the company is completely forgoing the use of styrofoam cups. Apparently, in efforts to reduce hazardous waste material on the planet, DD will completely phase out styrofoam products by 2020. They will be replaced by double-walled paper cups, which the company says will serve the same thermal purpose as styrofoam, but keep the planet healthier.