Is Kyle Richards Feuding With Her Sisters? She Shares Shocking Instagram Post Amid Kathy Hilton Drama

Cindy OrdGetty Images

Kyle Richards and her sisters have been at odds on and off for several years, as fans have often seen on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but on Monday night, things between them appeared to be great.

Although Kyle was noticeably absent over the weekend when Kathy Hilton and Kim Richards attended an anniversary party for Kathy’s husband’s real estate company, Hilton & Hyland, she and her two older sisters were back together last night as they celebrated Kim’s birthday in Los Angeles.

Amid rumors of a sisterly feud, Kyle took to her Instagram page where she confirmed she and Kathy were getting along just fine as they enjoyed a dinner date with Kim and some friends.

“[Kathy Hilton] is a frustrated makeup artist,” Kyle wrote in the caption of her September 24 Instagram story.

In the reality star’s video, Kathy was seen applying blush to the man sitting beside her.

Days prior, after Kim shared a photo of herself and the Hilton family, she and Kathy faced backlash from fans who felt they had purposefully left Kyle out of their real estate event. However, as some fans may know, Kyle may have decided to skip the event out of support for her husband, Mauricio Umansky, who left the company to start his own real estate agency in the area.

“Rick and his team wouldn’t make Mauricio a partner, even after years of working there and a lot of success. So he left,” a source told E! News at the end of 2015. “Now, Mauricio is not welcome at any Hilton events. It puts Kyle in a terrible position because she always has to choose between her husband and her older sister.”

While it seems understandable that Mauricio Umansky wouldn’t want to stay at a company where he was offered no room to grow, Rick Hilton reportedly felt betrayed by Mauricio after he opened The Agency behind his back.

“Rick did everything for Mauricio to get him started, he gave him clients, he introduced him to people. And then when Mauricio set up his own company, he did it covertly and informed Rick via email. Mauricio was not made a partner as he was not being 100 percent above board and so there were trust issues,” the source continued.

To see more of Kyle Richards, don’t miss the upcoming 13th season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, which is expected to air later this year on Bravo TV.