Cardi B Reminds Fans That Nicki Minaj Brawl Hasn’t Kept Her From Milan And Paris Fashion Week

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

Cardi B took a moment before heading off for Paris Fashion Week to bat down speculation that her career might have taken a hit as a result of the violence that broke out between her and Nicki Minaj at New York’s Plaza Hotel earlier this month.

During a lengthy rant that she recorded to Instagram Live late Sunday, September 23, Cardi addressed cynics who have forecasted that the stardom that she has enjoyed for the better part of the past year will prove to be short-lived, attributing this claim to the attack that she waged against Nicki at the annual Harper’s Bazaar ICON party. If the magnitude of the business meetings that have been set up to take place throughout her European excursion are of any indication — the financial well doesn’t look to be drying up anytime soon, promised the burgeoning diva. And according to sources on the ground for TMZ, she’s not putting on.

“You know, after that altercation that happened in Fashion Week, a lot of people wanted to be like, ‘Cardi’s canceled,’ this and that. That’s not true. I actually got a lot of offers from a lot of fashion people that y’all will slowly but surely — slowly but surely, don’t forget — will see,” Cardi said as she prepared to catch a flight for Paris, following a weekend of festivities at Milan Fashion Week.

Cardi kept a relatively low profile in the weeks that followed the melee, but just as a growing number of observers began to wonder whether her virtual absence from the spotlight was a sign of things to come — she reappeared in the front row of the Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2019 show over the weekend.

When Cardi B was last associated with Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana’s brand it was because she had been wearing it when she rushed Nicki Minaj. Many also found it to be beyond incidental that she showed up in a leopard print design that was somewhat reminiscent of the tiger print Nicki was donning at the Harper’s Bazaar party. All things considered, it appears that Cardi B has come out on top, emerging from the fracas relatively unscathed.

“When my time is over, Y’all will see when my time is over. My numbers will be going down; I’m not going to be on the charts; people will stop f**king with me,” Cardi told followers logged in for her stream. “You will see. But god is saying it’s not my time yet. So, just relax, enjoy the show, and worry about your life.”