‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nina Spends Time With Charlotte, Oscar Confronts Kim, & Curtis Updates Valentin

Jason KempinGetty Images

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday, September 25 hint that there are powerful scenes ahead that will have viewers buzzing. Nina will get a chance to spend time with Charlotte, and this could get emotional, while Curtis is still trying to track down her biological daughter. In addition, Brad will start to freak out over Wiley’s health and Oscar will lay into Kim for hiding his illness.

As the Inquisitr previously shared, Brad will reach out to Julian as he panics over Wiley’s heart condition. Brad is terrified that Lucas and others will find out that Wiley is really Jonah and he’ll need Julian to help him calm down. General Hospital spoilers suggest that Julian will be successful, to a degree, but he’ll also issue his son-in-law a stern warning.

Oscar now knows that he has cancer and he’s incredibly upset that this had been hidden from him. General Hospital spoilers via the Twitter preview indicate that Oscar will confront Kim as he tries to wrap his head around this, asking her how long she’s known he had cancer.

Unfortunately, Kim has no good way to answer this question. While it’s not entirely clear how long Oscar has been sick, it’s not a new diagnosis and Kim has gone to great lengths to keep the truth from him for quite some time. Drew will likely be receiving far less anger from his son, as he has only known about the illness for a very short time.

Curtis will share some updates with Valentin about the search for Nina’s daughter. As viewers know, he reached out to a woman named Sasha and he’s waiting for the DNA test results that will reveal whether she’s biologically connected to Nina or not. General Hospital spoilers share that Curtis will tell Valentin the latest, and he’ll admit that if Sasha’s not a match, he might be running into a dead end.

Across Port Charles, Nina will spend some time with Charlotte. While Nina has been steadfast in telling Valentin that their marriage is unrepairable, it’s been heartbreaking for her to lose her connection to Charlotte as a result of the split. The two gals will spend the day together, but General Hospital spoilers suggest that things will get emotional as Charlotte asks if this is the last time they’ll get to be together.

Valentin has told Nina that she’s always welcome in Charlotte’s life, but Nina will probably feel emotional after this day with the young girl. This may well leave her all the more anxious to find out who her biological child is, although it’s likely holding her back to be hiding the necklace from Curtis and Valentin.

Tuesday’s show also brings a tense, but possibly productive, meetup between Stella and Jordan, and Carly will talk with Jason about the chaos regarding the dead body at Charlie’s Pub. In addition, SheKnows Soaps indicates that Michael will be apologizing to Carly for something, but it’s not clear yet where that fits into the episode.

Who will find Nina’s daughter first and will it be Sasha, Kiki, or someone else entirely? Will Drew and Kim find a way to save Oscar, and will Brad say too much about Wiley’s paternity to Julian? General Hospital spoilers suggest that Tuesday’s show could be a wild one and fans can’t wait to watch it all play out.