‘Making A Murderer Part 2’ Will Premiere On Netflix October 19


One of Netflix’s most popular shows is returning to the streaming service once again and fans cannot wait.

In 2015, the story of Steven Avery, his nephew Brendan Dassey, and their conviction in the murder of Theresa Halbach captivated the country. The uncle and nephew were charged in 2006 for killing 25-year-old photographer Theresa Halbach and since the convictions, both Avery and Dassey have maintained their innocence, saying that they had no part in the murder of Theresa.

In 2015, there was a motion to retry Avery’s case, but it was eventually overturned in 2017. And while lower courts overturned Dassey’s prison sentence, they later reinstated it after U.S. Supreme Court elected not to hear the appeal.

Due to the popularity of the series, creators Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos thought that Part 2 of Making a Murderer would be a good idea and they announced today that it will be returning to the streaming service sooner than expected, on October 19, according to USA Today.

“Building on Part 1, which documented the experience of the accused, in Part 2, we have chronicled the experience of the convicted and imprisoned, two men each serving life sentences for crimes they maintain they did not commit,” Ricciardi and Demos said. “We are thrilled to be able to share this new phase of the journey with viewers,” the executive producers said in a statement.

According to People, one of the key people in the second part of the series will be Kathleen Zellner, who Avery hired as his lawyer in 2016.

Since Netflix made the announcement of Part 2 of the series coming back earlier this morning, Twitter has already been abuzz with many fans excited to see the second part in the series. So far, the post from the streaming giant has already received over 5,990 favorites in addition to 2,700-plus comments.

“On Brendan Dassey’s birthday, I pray more people see the true miscarriage of justice, it’s beyond time for him to be free!!!”

“Can’t wait to be reunited with the squad,” another wrote.

“Get ready to question everything all over again,” one more chimed in.

In addition to the Making a Murderer Part 2, Netflix will also be streaming some new, spooky movies, just in time for Halloween. As the Inquisitr reported yesterday, Netflix announced a number of movie titles that will be available to be streamed. The list is composed of many titles including new movies coming in October, current movies, and even a few Netflix originals. Some titles include The Shining, Hold the Dark, and Truth or Dare.

Clearly, October is a great month for Netflix enthusiasts.