Colton Underwood’s Season Of ‘The Bachelor’ Will Be A ‘Dumpster Fire’ Says Dean Unglert

Leon BennetGetty Images

Dean Unglert is not a fan of ABC’s choice for the new season of The Bachelor. Unglert, who previously appeared on The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise, and Bachelor Winter Games, says Colton Underwood’s season of the show is going to be a rough one to watch.

According to a Sept. 25 report by Entertainment Tonight, Dean Unglert claims that while Colton Underwood is a nice person, he’s not the man who should have been chosen to be The Bachelor, adding that the season is going to be a “dumpster fire.”

“I love Colton, don’t get me wrong, but [he’s] not my Bachelor. He’s a very nice person… He’s well-intentioned. He is beautiful. I just think it’s going to be a dumpster fire,” Unglert told the outlet.

However, Dean didn’t stop the Colton bashing there. Unglert claims that Underwood may be a bit too young to know what he wants in a wife and that he likely won’t marry the woman he ends up choosing at the end of this experience.

“You know, [he’s] a little young. He’s younger than me. He might be more advanced in his life than I am, but I don’t necessarily see him marrying the woman that he chooses… I don’t think he knows exactly what he wants.”

However, Dean’s comments aren’t meant to be taken too personally toward Colton. In fact, Unglert says that he would have been a horrible choice to be The Bachelor for all of the same reasons that Underwood likely wasn’t the best, or smartest, choice.

“I imagine Colton’s season going the same way mine would [have], where he wants to do right by everyone and wants no one to hate him and that’s going to just go ahead and bite him right ahead in the butt. I’d be a horrible Bachelor for the same reasons Colton would be horrible and will be horrible,” Dean stated.

Dean Unglert was previously a fan favorite to take on the role of The Bachelor after he was dumped by Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay in the same episode where she admitted to Dean that she was in love with him.

However, he went on to star on Bachelor in Paradise, where he made a real love connection with Kristina Schulman. However, the relationship got rocky and the two eventually called it off.

Dean Unglert later appeared on Bachelor Winter Games where he met Lesley Murphy. The pair dated for four months before calling it quits back in April. After the breakup, Dean revealed that he needed to go to therapy and work on some of his issues, per Us Weekly.