Judge Rules Bill Cosby A Sexually Violent Predator At Sentencing Hearing

Mark MakelaGetty Images

On day two of the Bill Cosby sentencing hearing, a defense psychologist testified that the formerly beloved comedian is not a sexually violent predator — which contradicts testimony from yesterday’s prosecution psychologist. Ultimately, the judge in the case ruled that Cosby is a “sexually violent predator.”

According to a report from the Miami Herald, today psychologist Timothy Foley testified that the 81-year-0ld has an “extraordinarily low” chance of committing another sexual offense in his lifetime — in part because he’s old, legally blind, and cannot get around on his own. Because of that, Cosby’s defense team wants him sentenced to house arrest, but the prosecution wants the judge to sentence him to 10 years behind bars.

Formerly “America’s Dad,” Cosby is awaiting sentencing stemming from a conviction for drugging and attacking Andrea Constand in his home near Philadelphia in 20014. He is expected to remain silent in court again today.

Despite Foley’s testimony, Judge Steven O’Neill ruled that the actor is a “sexually violent predator.” As such, Cosby must register on the sex-offender registry, which alerts neighbors, schools, and victims. Plus, the comedian will also have to attend lifetime counseling and check in with authorities every quarter.

Earlier this morning, in a letter, Constand revealed, “Bill Cosby took my beautiful, healthy young spirit and crushed it. He robbed me of my health and vitality, my open nature, and my trust in myself and others.” She said that he brought her life to an “abrupt halt,” USA Today reported.


Foley’s testimony today contradicted yesterday’s statement from Dr. Kristen Dudley, who is a psychologist on Pennsylvania’s Sexual Offenders Assessment Board. Even though she never met with Cosby — Cosby having refused an examination — she testified that he meets the criteria of a sexually violent predator based on her review of the evidence in the case. Judge O’Neill agreed with her findings.

Despite his conviction, the former Cosby Show actor had plenty of supporters outside of the hearing arguing for his house arrest as opposed to a prison sentence.

Supporter Tony Abery, 61, of Norristown, said: “I think they should let him go and put him on house arrest, or just set him free and let him go. They’re going over what happened in 2004. Here it is, 2018. … Why can’t they just let the past go and let the man be at peace? The man’s old.”

As soon as the judge conveys the sentence, Cosby’s defense team is expected to begin the process of appeals, so this situation likely won’t be entirely over until all appeals are exhausted.