'Teen Mom 2's' Kailyn Lowry Nearly Gave Up Son Lincoln Due To Her 'Toxic' Marriage To Javi Marroquin

Kailyn Lowry is now the proud mother of three boys but when it came to her second pregnancy, the Teen Mom 2 star wasn't sure if she could ever be a mother of two.

In an excerpt from the reality star's new book Letters of Love shared by Radar Online on September 24, Lowry admitted that after learning she was expecting a child with Javi Marroquin, who she was married to for three and a half years, she faced doubts in her parenting abilities and even considered giving up her now 4-year-old son, Lincoln Marshall Marroquin.

"How can I love another child the way that I love Isaac? He was my whole world. I even told Javi that maybe he should just take the new baby, and I would go off with Isaac. I could not believe that they were the thoughts I was having, but they were real," she explained.

According to Lowry, she truly felt that she would be unable to have the same love she has for Isaac for her younger child. However, once she gave birth to Lincoln in November 2013, she realized she had plenty of love to go around.

As for her past marriage to Javi Marroquin, which ended in 2016, Kailyn Lowry said that after their first year of marriage, their relationship had grown "extremely toxic" and they were constantly fighting. They weren't even sleeping in the same bed and because of the tension between them, Lowry said she was filled with doubt "at all times."

"We didn't love each other," she said.

After another portion of Kailyn Lowry's book was shared in which the Teen Mom 2 star slammed her marriage to Javi Marroquin, a fan on Twitter suggested Lowry was making statements that would ultimately be damaging to her and Marroquin's son, Lincoln.

In response to the fan's message, Marroquin shared a tweet of his own and threatened to pursue legal action against his former wife.

"I'm really getting sick and tired of reading this sh*t," Marroquin wrote. "For real. The only reason she says this is to seek validation from her new relationship and convince herself it's ok. I'm getting fed up with this. I didn't sign anything to use my name. Maybe I should get my attorney too."

Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin are currently in the midst of production on Teen Mom 2 Season 9. The show's latest installment will begin airing on MTV later this year or early next year.