September 25, 2018
WWE News: Liv Morgan Suffers Possible Concussion After Being Knocked Out By Brie Bella On 'Raw'

Last night on Monday Night Raw, there was a situation during a match that saw the Riott Squad facing off against the Bella Twins and Natalya which has brought about a lot of controversy. As the match was underway, Brie Bella delivered a series of kicks to Liv Morgan which ended up legitimately knocking her out. There was also another botch by Brie Bella later in the match, this time targeting Ruby Riott. These mistakes have brought about a lot of concern for the safety of some of the female WWE superstars.

The first botch injured Liv Morgan, which led to her being brought backstage and being checked out by trainers. Pro Wrestling Sheet reported that Morgan was being treated for a possible concussion after being knocked out in the ring which was brought about by Brie Bella's kicks to her face.

As Brie was delivering the Yes Kicks -- which she learned from husband Daniel Bryan -- three landed on Liv's body. The final two connected directly with Liv's face, which caused her to crumble face-forward to the mat before coming back around and trying to continue the match.

It was a rather scary situation for those in the ring -- and anyone watching at home -- as it was obvious that something had gone dreadfully amiss.

Morgan attempted to keep going in the match, but was soon pulled out of the ring by partner Sara Logan. Before being checked out more by ringside doctors and being taken backstage, Morgan tried to enter the ring to compete again, but she couldn't do much and instead sought medical attention.

That wasn't the only big mistake in the match, though, as another botch took place between Brie Bella and Ruby Riott. At one point, Logan tried to slingshot Bella -- which led to her elbowing Riott directly in the face. As you can see in the tweet below, Riott didn't take it very well.

WWE did not hide the fact that Liv Morgan suffered an injury during the match on Monday Night Raw, acknowledging it on their official website. They focused on Brie Bella's tweet which addressed the situation from her match and the injury to Liv.
The Riott Squad is set to face off against the Bella Twins and Ronda Rousey in less than two weeks at the WWE Super Show-Down in Australia. For now, though, WWE is going to keep a close eye on Liv Morgan's health status in order to ensure that she is well enough to compete inside of the ring.

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For years, many fans and wrestling pundits have had issues with the level of in-ring work of the Bella Twins, especially Brie. A couple of weeks ago, there were some questionable suicide dives during a match which ended very poorly, though --luckily -- nobody was seriously hurt. The situation with Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott may be emblematic of a larger problem.