Top 10 Sexiest Photos Of Julianne Hough On Instagram

Julianne Hough
Joe Scarnici / Getty Images for InStyle

The Dancing with the Stars champion and actress leaves little to the imagination when it comes to her Instagram page, yet she’s careful about the social media platform’s nudity rules, showing just enough to keep her fans coming back for more.

These are the 10 hottest photos of Julianne Hough on Instagram.

#1: Professional Vacationer

Even though fans of the actress are used to her showing off her incredibly fit body on social media, can anyone really prepare for something like this to pop up on their feed?

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#2: Channeling Her Inner Betty Weider

The star rocks the Betty Weider look like no other, as she sports a plunging black full-body leotard, blonde locks, and a sexy red lipstick. Jules will be playing the fitness guru in the upcoming movie Bigger.

#3: Inspirational Advice

The bombshell shares a motivational quote with her followers, alongside a gorgeous black and white picture in which she’s barely even clothed.

#4: Divine Feminine

Does anyone else even shower like this?

#5: Throwback Thursday

Julianne shares an explosive throwback pic from her photo shoot with Women’s Health magazine. She’s seen sporting a white tank top and shorts combo, paired with fishnet tights and black leather boots. The star was on the cover of WH back in June 2015 and in May 2011.

#6: Summer Done Right

Is there a better way to spend your summer than in pool mode 24/7? Jules looks dazzling in a red and white swimsuit, beige sunglasses, and an adorable top bun.

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Dear, life. Challenge accepted.

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#7: Calvin Klein Babe

Being a talented dancer truly pays off, right? Julianne shared this “#FlashbackFriday” moment of her wearing a Calvin Klein underwear combo that suited her perfectly.

#8: Environment-Friendly

The actress shows off her toned legs while promoting the “30 Days No Throwaway Challenge,” in which she encouraged her fans to carry their reusable cup for drinks instead of using disposable plastic cups. She said that changing small everyday behaviors can make a difference when it comes to taking care of Mother Earth.

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We’re in the middle of @mybyta’s 30 Days No Throwaway Challenge!! No throwaway = carrying your cup for drinks instead of using disposable cups! This helps cut down on the amount of trash that ends up in our landfills and oceans (1,000,000 disposable cups end up in landfills every minute!) AND will make you realize how easy it is to make a difference simply by making a choice and changing a small behavior every day! ???? If not using any disposable cups is a tough challenge for you, try saying “no” to straws! You don’t need them and it will prevent unnecessary waste from ending up in oceans and landfills!!! ❤️ THANK YOU for taking the time to read this post about how we can help, spending a few seconds thinking about the problem, or even considering what you can do every day to help (big or small!) it all adds up and it means so much!!! #mybyta #carryyourcup #makelesstrash #MotherEarth #notsponsored #30daynothrowaway

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#9: Fiery Mood

Jules looked incredible when she dyed her naturally blonde hair a rich, coppery red color. She is definitely rocking the fall vibes!

#10: Weekly Mantra

As if it wasn’t enough that she looks like a 1960s’ movie star in this picture, Julianne also had the most insightful and inspiring words to share with her fans. The actress reminded her Instagram followers that hard work is the route to success, that they should always believe in themselves, and be proud of the effort they put in whatever they do.

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This last week I shared an Instagram story right after a day full of auditions. I had put in so much work preparing for those auditions and when I walked out of them I felt so proud! Like everyone else, I have certain things that make me feel insecure, and usually the first thing I think of after an audition is what I could have done better, critiquing parts that weren’t perfect…but this last week I walked out of my last audition and I felt so HAPPY and PROUD of the work I did and all the effort I put into it! After I shared that Instagram story so many of you reached out and told me about your struggles and what you were working on and your comments meant the world to me. Here’s what I want all of us to keep in mind as we get ready to start a new week: keep believing in yourself! Even when it’s you that’s creating the doubt! Sometimes we have to save ourselves from ourselves. If you do the work to get where you want to go you won’t regret it! YOU’VE GOT THIS! ❤️ Let’s go have an amazing week…THANK YOU for following along with me on this journey!

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