Meghan Markle’s Straight Hair Has Some Royal Fans Believing She’s Finally Pregnant

WPA PoolGetty Images

Meghan Markle’s sported tons of great hairstyles since becoming a Duchess, but her latest appearance at the Coach Core Awards with straight hair has some royals fans believing that she may really be pregnant. Of course, Meghan’s pregnancy rumors have been rampant since long before the royal wedding. However, this time, journalist Emma Baty thinks there’s a bit of proof. Interestingly enough, Kate Middleton reportedly dropped similar hints through her hairstyle before making all three of her baby announcements, according to the Daily Star. For example, right before Kate announced she was pregnant with George, she switched to bangs instead of her usual hair-do. Emma further elaborated.

“Because I am a journalist and I care about these things, I combed through 60+ pages of the latest pictures of Meghan and found she hasn’t worn her hair like this since at least before her wedding to Prince Harry.”

But Emma doesn’t want to say anything is for certain and makes that clear.

“Technically this is all just a fun internet theory and no one from the palace has confirmed this in regards to Kate or Meghan. It’s possible it’s a totally coincidental trend.”

If it’s coincidental, then royal fans are likely to be disappointed yet again. However, if it’s true, then it’ll set off a huge wave of celebrations for fans of the Royals.

Furthermore, Meghan’s new hairstyle is believed to be a result of a keratin treatment. It’s a procedure during which keratin is put on the hair as heat is added, described People. It helps people with frizzy or curly hair enjoy straight hair. The cost is somewhere around $350, and it can take two to four hours to complete.


But not everyone is super keen to believe that Meghan’s hairstyle has any significance. That includes Glamour, which stated that “let’s be real, she probably just felt like wearing her hair straight.” During the event, Meghan was seen on the court and being more active than usual. Maybe her usual bun would have served her better in that situation, but she looked great regardless.

Besides her gorgeous hair, Meghan wore a really chic outfit to the awards event. Her blue, flowy top was from Oscar de la Renta, while she wore some Altuzarra pants, detailed Town and Country Magazine. The Duchess also wore some heels and no jewelry. Prince Harry wore a suit with a light purple shirt.

For now, we’ll just have to see if royal fans’ hunch is right or wrong.