Victoria’s Secret Model Martha Hunt Dons Tiny Leopard-Print Bikini

Robert Marquardt / StringerGetty Images

Victoria’s Secret model Martha Hunt looked fabulous in a chic swimsuit by Inamorata. In a recent Instagram post, she’s seen standing in front of an infinity pool at W Hotel in Barcelona, Spain. She’s wearing a tiny leopard-print bikini and a necklace with charms. Martha wore her blonde hair down in a dramatic side part, as she smiled with her lips closed. The backdrop is beautiful, with some palm trees and a city skyline.

Her fans complimented the look, with one person saying, “Soo natural” while others simply said “Nice!” One person took the time to let her know that “You are stunning in animal print.” The swimsuit is from Emily Ratajkowski’s line, and she also reposted the photo to promote her “Neptune” suit. A fan of both Emily and Martha said that the two are a “dream team.”

Hunt recently shared her workout routine, which included a Barre class, detailed the Hollywood Life. She also explained why she’s so into that type of workout.

“I think that you can always tone your legs and for lengthening, I think that Barre helps with all of that. Barre, yoga, pilates — they help with toning and lengthening. Different exercises help build muscle with weights. I do a mix of both. I want to build muscle in my booty!”

Plus, Martha let people in on her diet secrets.

Apparently, she follows an “80/20 ratio,” which she elaborated on.

“My daily diet is very diverse. I don’t discriminate with food. I love mixing it up. This morning, I had an acai bowl. For lunch, I had a salad with lots of chicken and sweet potato, but for dinner last night I had a quesadilla! It’s all about balance.”

In other news, her fans can look forward to seeing her walk the runway during the upcoming Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The show is a huge deal, with the show expected to cost around $12 million, which is 12 times more than typical shows, according to Harper’s Bazaar. And the spectacle is really popular, with an estimated 800 million people who watch the show on TV. In addition to Martha, other fan favorites that people can expect to see will include Candice Swanepoel, Adriana Lima, and Stella Maxwell.

In preparation for the show, the Angels all appear to be working hard to keep their body in shape. Martha was spotted at the Train Like an Angel event on September 18, where she sported a chic and fun workout outfit, described Just Jared. The two-piece had some abstract patterns, and consisted of a sports bra and matching leggings.