Girl, 6, Crashes Car While Trying To Drive To See Her Father

A 6-year-old girl crashed her mother’s car when she decided to make a cross-town visit to see her father.

The incident happened early Sunday morning in Pittsburgh. Police didn’t release the name of the 6-year-old girl who crashed the car, but said the incident happened while her mother was sleeping, The Associated Press reported. The girl apparently wanted to go see her father, who was across town at the time.

The girl didn’t make it car, crashing the car into two parked cars, forcing one of those cars to hit a third, before hitting a utility pole and crashing to a stop.

Police said the girl was tall for her age so she was able to operate the car, but still don’t know how she figured it out.

“How she knew how to operate a car, your guess is as good as mine,” said police Sgt. Jerry Parker. Police added that they’re not sure if anyone will face charges in the incident.

It appears to be something about southwestern Pennsylvania that makes adolescents want to crash a car. Back in 2011, a 5-year-old crashed a car in a busy partking lot, although as The Associated Press noted, it wasn’t exactly the kid’s fault. The girl’s aunt put her in the driver’s seat to back out of a tight parking spot. Two cars were wrecked in the process.

At least some good came out of the most recent instance when a 6-year-old girl crashes her car — her father got called in to pick her up, so she was able to see him after all.