‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Brad Panics And Turns To Julian For Help Over Baby Wiley Health Crisis

Neilson BarnardGetty Images

Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital is going to be packed with drama and conflict and viewers will see more regarding baby Wiley and his health crisis. As viewers saw last week, Wiley seems to have a heart condition and it just so happens to be the same one that Michael had when he was a newborn. Wiley’s heart condition has both Lucas and Brad worried, but spoilers signal that Brad will be freaking out fairly extensively during Tuesday’s episode.

The preview for the September 25 show shared via Twitter shows that Brad will quickly reach out to Julian for help. Julian knows that Wiley is not the baby who was originally placed with Brad and Lucas for adoption, but he doesn’t know that the baby is actually Nelle and Michael’s.

General Hospital spoilers share that Brad will fill Julian in on the new developments regarding Wiley’s health. Brad will quickly make the jump that this situation will lead to Lucas finding out the truth about the baby and, naturally, this has him freaking out. Of course, it’s likely that Julian will remain relatively calm and try to settle Brad down before he alerts anybody else that something is amiss.

SheKnows Soaps notes that Julian will warn Brad, and he’ll probably be urging his son-in-law to get a hold of himself. It sounds as if there will seemingly be some kind of issue with the birth mother’s medical records too, and it may well be that Wiley’s heart condition will lead to an obvious mismatch of some sort with the birth mother’s health information.

As the week continues, Julian is said to become increasingly frustrated. However, it isn’t clear yet whether that’s connected to Brad, Lucas, and the baby, the chaos playing out with the dead body at Charlie’s Pub, or something else.

At this point, it looks like Julian will have to be available to Brad regularly for a while. Julian is really the only person who knows the deep hole Brad has dug for himself and he’ll do his best to keep his son-in-law from making it obvious to others that something’s off-kilter with this adoption placement.

General Hospital spoilers also note that Carly will start doing some digging into something and fans are hoping that this is related to the baby’s heart issue. She did not miss the fact that the baby’s ailment synced with Michael’s, but right now there’s no reason for her to make the connection that the baby is really Michael’s supposedly dead child.

How long will it take for the truth to come out about Wiley really being Jonah? Unfortunately, General Hospital spoilers suggest that this one is going to go on for a while. Obviously, the heart issue will be part of the larger equation leading to the truth emerging, but all signs point to this being a slow-moving reveal.