Ben Affleck Completes 30 Days Of Rehab, Decides To Stay Longer As He Is ‘Doing Much Better’

Emma McIntyreGetty Images

Ben Affleck is apparently doing great in rehab this time around. At least, that’s what insiders are saying. PEOPLE reported Monday that the 46-year-old Justice League producer and actor had completed 30 days of rehab as of Sunday. As previously reported, Affleck checked into rehab on August 22, after a confrontation with his ex Jennifer Garner resulted in her driving him to the rehab center in Malibu. An unnamed inside source told PEOPLE that Affleck is taking his addiction treatment much more seriously this time. Apparently, his kids are a major part of his decision to stay in the facility for a longer time.

Ben seems to take this rehab visit more seriously. This time is different. He doesn’t want his kids to have to go through this again. Ben is really trying very hard to get better. He is taking things day by day, but it seems he plans on staying at the treatment center for at least a couple of more weeks,” the insider told PEOPLE.

The actor has three children with his ex-wife Garner. His daughters Violet and Seraphina are 12 and 9, while his son Samuel is 6.

Apparently, the publicity of this rehab stint has been a challenge for Affleck too, says the insider.

Photographs have emerged of Affleck en route between his home and rehab, which has raised speculation about his dedication to the program. However, PEOPLE says that the star has been allowed by the program to complete basketball workout sessions at his home as part of his treatment.


“Ben continues to work hard on himself and is committed to his rehab program, which includes a daily routine of multiple meetings and indoor and outdoor exercise,” a source apparently said.

Despite his hard work at beating his addiction, Affleck’s career may be taking a beating from his self-care. The Wrap revealed that the actor may be replaced for the upcoming Batman films because the high insurance costs involved would be extremely high. Supposedly, the cost for insuring the actor would be as much as the new Justice League film’s budget.

“More than likely the studio will replace him because the insurance costs are going to go through the roof…He would be bondable, but the deductible would be really high, probably the budget of the film,” a bond insider told the news outlet.

Affleck and Jennifer Garner were married for 10 years before splitting up in 2015. In August, ET Online shared the news that she had shown up at his front door because she knew he was on a “bender” and ended up driving him to his third rehab treatment. Apparently, his ex-wife has supported him for years through his alcohol battle. An inside source told ET Online that her continued efforts are in hopes that he will recover and be a good dad to his children.