Kaley Cuoco Afraid To Ask This Of Kathy Bates On ‘The Big Bang Theory’

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

Star of The Big Bang Theory Kaley Cuoco admitted that there’s one thing she’s afraid to ask her co-star Kathy Bates.

In honor of the final season premiere of TBBT, Cuoco posted a great image of herself with Kathy Bates. There’s just one little thing, though. It looks like Cuoco is photobombing the storied actress in the picture.

The actress, who portrays Penny on the show, captioned the funny post, “Still afraid to ask Kathy Bates to take a picture with me. So this is all I got. @bigbangtheory_cbs @a.ayers10#season12.”

The Misery actress portrays Amy’s (Mayim Bialik) mother on the long-running CBS sitcom. Bates first appeared in the finale for Season 11 along with comedian Teller, who portrayed Amy’s dad.

Of course, Johnny Galecki, who portrays Penny’s husband Leonard, managed to post a much better picture of the three of them with Bates about a month ago in a cute behind-the-scenes sneak peek photo of the show.

He captioned the fun picture, which amassed over 167,000 likes on Instagram, “When the actress who originated Annie Wilkes says to you out of nowhere ‘You look like the devil,’ you’re both flattered and considering a return to therapy. The incomparable Kathy Bates.”

Fans loved the star’s image with the incomparable Bates. One even warned her, “Watch your ankles,” in an allusion to Bates creepy role as Annie Wilkes in the 1990 movie based on Stephen King’s book, Misery. Galecki also referenced the character in his recent image of the three co-stars.

Another fan encouraged her by commenting, “You’re so funny. Just do it.” Another echoed that sentiment, “Kathy Bates is awesome! Speak up, girlfriend.”

Earlier today, the Inquisitr reported that Cuoco posted a cute throwback picture of herself from the pilot and from the Season 12 premiere. Of course, she felt she looked exactly the same, and fans indeed agreed. Even more serendipitous is that today marked the 11th anniversary of TBBT‘s debut.

According to TV Insider, TBBT will end in May 2019. When the show says its goodbye, it will set a record as TV’s longest-running multi-camera series, and it will end with 279 episodes, which is astonishing.

Ultimately, fans appeared to enjoy tonight’s Season 12 premiere of the show, which featured Sheldon and Amy’s jet-setting honeymoon and pieces of life back at home with the rest of the gang, and everybody managed to get into and out of plenty of trouble.

The Big Bang Theory airs this fall on Monday nights on CBS at 8 p.m. ET.