iPhone XS Users Say The WiFi Is Weak, Apple Has No Comment

Justin SullivanGetty Images

Apple isn’t responding to requests for comment about the complaint new iPhone XS and XS Max users have: bad WiFi and poor phone signals. New XS users are all over Twitter sharing comments about their problems — when their signal is good enough to connect to Twitter, that is.

According to Business Insider, the poor signal reception doesn’t seem to be linked to one carrier, as many have taken to Reddit to report on the issue. They’re reporting that Apple’s support forums are already filled with new complaints from XS owners, too. The iPhone XS began its rollout on Friday.

In one test conducted by the WiWavelength blog, the XS had a lower signal strength than the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

The XS has blown away previous iPhones in speed tests, according to The Verge, but users aren’t marveling at its speed on Twitter. They can’t notice how fast the phone is when the signal is so bad, one presumes. It’s a confusing issue considering that the XS has an extra antenna bar across the bottom.

The XS is also made with advanced technology that ought to make the WiFi speeds great, according to BGR. Independent tests show that there may be an issue with the XS hardware, bad news for Apple. One test showed that the XS has a lower radio signal output than previous iPhone models, which could indicate an antenna problem.

Multiple media outlets have attempted to get a comment from Apple on the XS issues, but so far the company has not responded. And as of Monday evening, the Apple support forums were offline for an update, leaving frustrated XS users with nowhere to turn to have their grievances addressed.

A similar problem occurred with the iPhone 4, but Apple corrected the problem with an update. For now, iPhone XS users will have to hope for the same thing to happen for them. An update can solve software problems with the XS and XS max, but if the poor signal strength is due to antenna issues it will take more than a simple software fix to satisfy the frustrated customers.

However, the iPhone XS lives up to a lot of its hype, and has impressed tons of tech blogs with data speed, durability and display features. The XS has the biggest display ever put on an iPhone, and it’s protected with the most durable glass ever put on a smartphone. So as long as you’re using it offline, the iPhone XS can be great.